Sunday, May 12, 2013

My mobile broadband router is going on the blink.  It works and then quits and works and quits..........I'm up in the mountains for an over night stay. Getting up early - hopefully anyway - and getting back into to town in time to get to church by 8:45 am.

I am so incredibly tired today.  This work week just wore me out.  Manager gone and I'm dealing with a much larger load than I normally would have to, just a drain on the system.


Well the incredible tiredness turned into severe sickness.  some sort of stomach flu.  I am stuck up here in the mountains - would have been home by now - with absolutely no energy, whatsoever, to be able to make the drive back.  It's  a bit afternoonish and if this situaiton doesn't change by say 5ish or so, I am calling work and telling them that tomorrow? I most definitely will not be there.

But I do wish I were home right now!

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