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At around 3:30 yesterday, I just decided it was time to go home regardless of how I feel.  Not only did I want my own bed and a long hot shower - I can take a hot shower in the RV but only a short one - I also had work to face today.  But I figured I probably wouldn't make work.  Anyway, my mom was all over that, you can't drive can you?  I dunno, mom, but I gotta get home.  Got everything including the dogs in the car and took off. Literally.  I would waste no time stopping anywhere, even for fuel - though that was getting to the low side.

I got to the top of a long mountain pass and came up on a Forest Service/green pickup sitting right next to the road with it's lights flashing.  Wondered what that was all about.  Then I come up to a man in khaki's with a Hawaiian Luau shirt on, he was doing the slow down motion with his hands. We were at a turn, couldn't see what was going on around the turn.  Well, around the turn was a very gruesome sight.  A huge crash with…