Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I'm still not feeling that good, actually, but I am a bit better.  I am going to show up at work tomorrow and hope that I can make it through the work day.  My manager and I have been gone the first two days this week, which doesn't bode well for the state of affairs at the branch with an inside salesman running it - who has no time for it - and a driver from downtown  - who is pretty good actually but hasn't been thrust into the world of having to deal with everything.  If one manager gets sick downtown, another steps into fill their place.  In this case, my manager leaves and I make the decisions of what goes where, when.

It's a managerial role without the official title.  Stomach pain is almost gone but I have very little energy and I have been doing much of nothing since Saturday.  Carrying a bag of dog food for 30 feet wore me out yesterday.  I know, pathetic but that's what this illness has been doing to me: depriving me of my energy besides the pain and other unpleasant things that I need not go into here.  It's weeks like these where I could care less if I get any overtime.  Get the week over with and get to the weekend.  That's 3 work days from now, might as well be an eternity.

Jury's out on the transplanted tree.  I have no idea whether it's going to survive, but I should be able to tell if it's going to die by tomorrow, I would think.  I am going to dump some more root stuff on it from Miracle Gro.
Extended time lapse.
Ate.  My navy bean soup sat there for quite a while and the salt in the ham apparently leeched out into the liquid as the ham itself in the soup was tasty and without a lot of salt taste.  I read online today that you can leech out some of the salt of a ham before cooking it by dumping it into water; sugar water; coca cola; apple juice; anything that doesn't have added salt to it.  I'll just try water next time, lol.

I'm around 60-65% at this point.  Not really that good for work but I am going tomorrow morning anyway.  My manager will be back - who will undoubtedly give me some junk about taking free time off.  Like, I wasn't really sick.  This is what I hate about working for any company: they don't necessarily believe you are sick when you say you are.  I have sick leave carry over every year, this is a clue that I don't take a lot of time off for sick leave.

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