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And so I did. Went to Denny's that is.  It was the only meal of the day, I am sure.  I won't be hungry again until this evening, but I am going with George and his girlfriend to see the new Star Trek movie at the Imax theater at 5 something.  I doubt I will eat any theater food, not a big fan of it.  I was going to go with my son, but he wants to see it next weekend, so .......  I'll go twice, lol.
Denny's was packed with people and the kitchen was having a lot of trouble. I know this because I always sit at the counter.  You get much faster service and they keep your coffee refilled as often as you wish.  I got out my computer and started reading the news, got completely lost in a world of all kinds of stuff going on, including a jetliner that had to do a belly landing.  I've actually seen that happen up close and in person.  A twin-engine Piper Comanche.  The training instructor raised the landing gear just before touch down, intending to force the student to abo…
Woke up at 5 am this morning.  Fell right back asleep.  Woke back up at 6.  Fell back asleep and then didn't wake up until 8am!!  That's like sleeping half the day away for me!  lol  I was so tired by the time I got off work yesterday that there wasn't much energy to do much of anything.  But, uhhh, my appetite is mostly back and I think I am going to go out to have a bite - well make that a lot of bites - to eat something that tastes really good, probably chock full of fat and calories and have fun doing it : )

Wrote the partial entry below yesterday, thought I had posted it!
Got up this morning - finally started being able to eat again yesterday late afternoon, btw, which helps energy levels immensely - thought about the reason I had taken out the loan, sat down at the computer and proceeded to pay the car off.  I had been mulling the idea as to whether to do it or not - but I decided that much less…