Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Well, now that my debit card number has been stolen I figured the end of that kind of trouble.  Instead, I go into my email this morning and find a TOS notice on not 1, but 2 different email accounts.  Someone is going out of their way to mess with me.  I am running anti-virus to find any problems and I changed my passwords, but I think it's really time to think about dumping Windows and reinstalling.  The process includes clearing EVERYTHING off of your computer, both good and bad.  You start with a fresh version of Windows with nothing on it.

It's a pain, but I have this feeling that something is on my computer that doesn't belong there and the reason I feel that is because everything has slowed down considerably.  It is not because my cache and history and all that hasn't been cleaned, either.  Yes, I have defragged, I know all the stuff to do. Windows task manager doesn't really help, especially under services with so much stuff on there, who knows what belongs and what might not.  I have but one recourse that I know will eliminate any problem and that's a fresh install.

Whatta pain.  Gotta back up files and any pics you want to save you have to back up or send to yourself in an email.  Fortunately, I don't have a lot of files that I need to keep, but still.

Yet, I have to wonder who got what from me?  What did any of it say?  Did everyone on my lists get whatever was sent out?  Of course, I have received such junk from others in the past and the only thing that was in the email was a link - who knows where it takes you, I don't click on them.  Probably malware or something.  The whole thing is very disconcerting is all I can say about it.

Interesting: Spybot told me  it found problems but couldn't fix them.  Reallllllly.  What good is the blooming thing then?  Maybe that's part of some malware program - disable the anti-virus somehow.  I wouldn't know, I don't spend my life in an attempt to invade other people's computers and steal persona information.

Whatever.  Had to go straight to my checking account to make sure that wasn't compromised again, either.

Well, anyway, can't wait til' this work week is over.  3 day weekend.  Caleb turns 20 on Friday. TWENTY?!!!  Wow!

Well, fun-time over.



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