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Well, now that my debit card number has been stolen I figured the end of that kind of trouble.  Instead, I go into my email this morning and find a TOS notice on not 1, but 2 different email accounts.  Someone is going out of their way to mess with me.  I am running anti-virus to find any problems and I changed my passwords, but I think it's really time to think about dumping Windows and reinstalling.  The process includes clearing EVERYTHING off of your computer, both good and bad.  You start with a fresh version of Windows with nothing on it.

It's a pain, but I have this feeling that something is on my computer that doesn't belong there and the reason I feel that is because everything has slowed down considerably.  It is not because my cache and history and all that hasn't been cleaned, either.  Yes, I have defragged, I know all the stuff to do. Windows task manager doesn't really help, especially under services with so much stuff on there, who knows what belong…