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So, I started to back up my files yesterday after I got home from work - NOT.  Instead the AC repairman was waiting there for me when I pulled up into my driveway.  I had called them a week or so ago to schedule an appointment to come and do maintenance on the central AC unit in my house.  I want to know in advance of any problems that might be arising, not find out the hard way.

So, he goes and starts inspecting everything and tells me the coil is full of dirt.  Yes, I know that, that's why I called your company to send you out here to clean it.  I can clean the outside coil - just spray water into it and dislodge the dirt, I don't know how they do the inside one.

Well, he cleans out both of them - and now I know it's just a matter of getting a pump spray bottle and spraying water into them and using  special brush to clean off the fins plus a mixture of some special acid to clean deep inside them - all of which, of course, should be readily available at my company's…