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Sitting at a Freightliner - mega whatever place - it's huge.  They delivered us a truck that was not DOT fit for the road and I demanded that they install the items that would make it so.  Whoever heard of getting a brand new semi-truck delivered to your yard and the thing not being DOT compliant?  Ridiculous.  They tried to give me trouble on it at first, but I was having none of it and told them if they didn't fix it, for free, I would be contacting ADOT (Arizona Department of Transportation) and filing a complaint against them for having a tech that would certify a truck as road ready - that isn't road ready.

That changed their tune in a quick hurry, as it should.  Actually, I shouldn't have even had to say that, an outrageous "oversight" that should have been just, yes,sir, we will take care of it.  I even had to demand that it done be free of charge, they were going to charge us for work that should have already been completed!

Here's the point: If I…