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Programmable Thermostat

Can I just say before delving into this subject, that it really sucks losing your keen eyesight to age and being forced to wear reading glasses to read any form of fine print?  I thought so.

Cause' the instructions that came with this thermostat?  About 6 point print. I couldn't read a word of it.  All a blur to me.  A year ago I could read that, now it's just a done deal.  I know, it's a part of growing older, who cares, that doesn't mean I have to like it.

Well it turns out the instruction book that I have is in Spanish. I know some Spanish, yes, but there is no way I am going to attempt to figure out something like this in a language that I don't know that well.  Fortunately for me, there are 2 pages in English easily found online from the company that manufactures it.

However, the instruction manual? Ridiculous.  Horrendous.  I don't know where they get these people from that write up these manuals.  Outer Space would be giving them too much.  Aliens …

Memorial Day Weekend

So, let's not forget the reason why we have this paid holiday off on Monday: to remember our fallen war heroes that served our nation's military so that the American public can enjoy the great freedoms that we have today.  My gratitude and thanks to every one of those individuals, to those who fought and survived and are still with us and to those who are in active military status, regardless of where you are or what you are doing.

Without them, this nation could well be an annexation of Germany or the great state of Japan.  Of course there were many other wars and one that is still on-going, but those 2 were the biggest game-changers in American history, sans the Civil War.  Hats off to all of our military personnel, everywhere, whether in the grave or still with us and to those families that have had to endure such great hardship in the face of a loved one that will never come home or for those that are out somewhere in this world.  Your sacrifices will never be forgotten.

Francis And Sons Car Wash Company - Steer Clear!!

There is nothing like posting a review of a company on a blog that any Google search will find, so here it is:

"I'll just be blunt here: Francis & Sons car wash near Arizona Avenue and Ray road totally sucks.  I took a company vehicle in there to get it washed and get the interior cleaned, they wanted $30 for it.  Okay.  I specifically asked if they were going to clean the inside of the vehicle to which the supervisor said yes.  While waiting for them to get done with it, I asked them about getting the interior of my car detailed - $119 for full service interior detail, but they gave it to me for $100 pre-pay (I would not be bringing it back until the next day).  Well, when I went to get the company pickup after they said it was done, the markings they put on the windows were still on it.  I looked inside the truck and they had done NOTHING to it.  I asked the guy that was "cleaning" it and he said that would have to be an interior detail.  No, I said, they told…