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That's my mind at the moment.
I got into the email account that has mostly family stuff going on with it to find an email from my Uncle in Florida.
In that email were the emails previous to it.  A LONG series of emails between my dad and his brothers, sisters and whoever else that is on his list.

Reading through all of it, I find out his "wife" has told him to leave once again.  At this point, this is not shocking news.  I have heard this several times now and personally, I wonder why he has stuck around this long.  But, everyone has different ways of dealing with things.  I already went through a bad enough marriage, I would definitely not be sticking around for another one if it went that direction and it became obvious over time that nothing was going to heal it.

What got me flaming, however, is the fact that this woman brought one of her sons down for the 3 day weekend to effectively help her throw him out.  In one of my dad's emails, I read that she and …
I started this yesterday and didn't finish it, just posting it and then a new one.

No work tomorrow, then a 4 day work week, then start 9 days off of work.

That's what I'm talking about.

I have not done anything with my front pond in terms of restocking it with fish since whatever happened last summer that caused all the fish in it to die, sans the mosquito eaters which apparently can live through just about anything.  The pump died in that pond but I felt no need to replace it since there are no fish in it besides the mosquito eaters and since there ARE mosquito eaters in there, the water won't become a festering grounds for mosquitoes.

Which it hasn't.  It doesn't smell bad, either, but that's probably because I have to refill it frequently.  It goes down a couple inches, fill it back up.  But I decided it was time to get a new pump for it and then decide whether to put fish back into it - or not.  Figure to look on Craigslist and start perusing for pond…