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Wednesday.  Can hardly say work week is "flying" by considering we have very little to do.  The days start out with deliveries but peter out by the end.  Meaning 8 hours only and that's that.

OH well - and really glad I decided to take off time when I did. 3 more work days including today and I get my week off.

Just gotta get there!

No stunning revelations in this entry, just lamenting about work and the lack of it.  Oh, well I am still doing pushups and still doing some bench pressing and stuff.  Nothing too intense, just not wanting my body to turn into a giant blob of goo.

That is something that really concerns me as I see my friends and co-workers age - people near my age - and getting considerably heavier as the years pile up behind us.  It's so easy to let your body go and just not work out.  The next thing you know, you are wearing size 40 pants or larger and having to go to those big and tall men stores to cloth yourself.

No thanks.  If at all possible, goin…
So, Tuesday's Monday.
Just plain tired, woke up in the middle of the night and it took a couple of hours to get back to sleep.
Nothing new there.  Perhaps my vacation should just be to get out of Dodge and find a place to kick back, sleep, rest, do nothing.  Preferably out of the house.  Perhaps something different than the mountain retreat.  Though it is nice up there and I have the bedroom in the thing fitted with an extremely comfortable queen sized bed mattress.

This is going to be one of those decide-when-the-time-gets-here type of things.  The real point of the vacation is to simply not have to go to work for a week, what I don't or don't do are fairly irrelevant.

As for my dad's situation, he wrote back and said that during the day she kicked him out, he had gone around looking for a home to rent.  He was then eating at a grill somewhere when she - his wife - called him up and asked him to come home. She has done this literally "hundreds" of time, acco…