Thursday, May 30, 2013

Countdown to vacation: 2 full work days, including today.
Though "full" is hardly a good description of work in the last several weeks.
More like "boring".  There is only so much cleaning and fill-in-the-gap type of work you can do before you -
have nothing left to do.
And so it has, or has been anyway.
It very well could change next month, who knows.  Contractors usually start up new projects at the beginning of a month, in terms of ordering large amounts of materials.

I have not heard back from my dad, apparently he doesn't want discuss his situation further with me. All well and fine, but the "boy who cried wolf" sympathies are going to start to disappear.  I will support him, of course, in whatever he may be going through, but reacting to the thought of "my dad's out on the streets" will not occur again unless it actually goes ON for a few days, at least.  Which I am sure it will - her kicking him out again.  I still don't understand a person that would want to remain in a relationship where the other half has asked you to leave "hundreds" of times, but again, that is not really my business.

I have no idea how much Caleb has raised - if anything beyond what I have given him - for his stint in Hawaii.  I haven't asked him yet, either.  I don't feel it my place to badger him about it, he has to have his own faith in God for the Lord to come through.  I have given 10% towards it - which is about all I could afford anyway - and that's my involvement with it besides praying and believing along with him that the entire $3,500 will, in whatever way, come through.  He has sent out a mass of letters all over the place, what the fruit of that labor is, yet to be determined.  In reality, he probably could have just gone and gotten a job somewhere and acquired that money in the next couple of months, but he is going to the Salvation Army youth camp instead.  They do pay him for that endeavor, I have no idea how much.  I also have no idea whether he is planning on saving that money or not - he doesn't really need money up there, they cover his place to sleep and all meals.  But, having the kind of discipline it takes to not spend money is another matter entirely.

Whatever the case, another work day en-queue.  I can only hope there is enough in the system to keep me busy for 8 hours - definitely no OT in these days until work picks back up again (and frankly, since vacation is 2 days off, I won't care if there IS no OT in the next 2 work periods).



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