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Countdown to vacation: 2 full work days, including today.
Though "full" is hardly a good description of work in the last several weeks.
More like "boring".  There is only so much cleaning and fill-in-the-gap type of work you can do before you -
have nothing left to do.
And so it has, or has been anyway.
It very well could change next month, who knows.  Contractors usually start up new projects at the beginning of a month, in terms of ordering large amounts of materials.

I have not heard back from my dad, apparently he doesn't want discuss his situation further with me. All well and fine, but the "boy who cried wolf" sympathies are going to start to disappear.  I will support him, of course, in whatever he may be going through, but reacting to the thought of "my dad's out on the streets" will not occur again unless it actually goes ON for a few days, at least.  Which I am sure it will - her kicking him out again.  I still don't under…