Friday, May 31, 2013

Okay, so I was going through a series of pics posted online and got to one with Hershey's Chocolate Syrup - you know, the stuff that is used to make chocolate milk? This particular bottle says +Calcium at the top above it's name.  A close up of the ingredients label shows 0% calcium, lol.

Whatever.  8 hours of work and then vacation.  This work week has really dragged, like sucking badly dragging.  This is the end of the month and our numbers are wayyyyy down.

Whatever.  Work will be the last thing on my mind - actually, I will let it escape my mind almost entirely - for the next 9 days after I get out of there today.  I did order some CB antennas for the new truck, found a smoking deal for them on Ebay and they should be here any day now.  I may go there on my own time after hours and install those antennas myself and save myself the installation fee.  It will mean taking apart numerous things in side that truck and probably a couple hours worth.

Received the title to my car yesterday in the mail.  That was it.  No 'thank you for being our customer" type of thing from Wells Fargo, the bank I love to hate, just the title and that was it.  Not that I minded getting the title, just an observation.  It won't be long and all kinds of offers will start pouring in from local dealerships.  I don't know how they get that information, perhaps the bank sells it, but I know that when you pay off a car, you start getting offers of "highest trade in allowance", yada yada.

I don't trade in vehicles, car dealers are thieves, you will lose that vehicle and any amount it was worth in their sneaky deals.  I have no intention of getting a new or used vehicle in the near future unless the car takes a dive.  Even if it does, cheaper to fix it even if a new tranny or something than to buy a new vehicle.  I am putting my faith and hope out there that I have a LOT more miles left on that vehicle.  Maybe some repairs here and there, well and fine, but right now, I do NOT want to get into another vehicle payment, especially during the hot summer months when my electric bill skyrockets and it's all I could do in the last 5 years to make all the payments and cover electricity bill.

So there.  For whatever unexplained reason, my auto insurance premium has come down yet another $25 per month without my asking for it.  That's 2 cars and 2 drivers, one car has full coverage and one driver is under the age of 25.  That's a pretty good rate for that kind of baggage. I'll take whatever savings I can get.  It will be the first month that I won't have to fork out a car payment in a long, looooong, looooooooooong time and that will feel pretty good.

Not to mention a little later on this year, my contract with Verizon will be toast and I am considering moving to a different company for internet service.  They can't be any worse than the trouble I"ve had with Verizon.  That device doesn't work some of the time and to call Verizon is like calling a dead horse in the middle of a desert without a phone.  I tried that once and decided I wasn't up for that challenge.  Yet.  I did get a new hotspot out of it and the service worked MUCH better after getting it, but still.

Anyway, time to head to work.



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