Saturday, June 1, 2013


I was going to start backing up my files - when was it last week sometime? - and got sidetracked with whatever took my attention away from the task - an arduous one at that - at hand. The task is to save whatever files and photos I want to save, cause' honey, this copy of Windows 7 is going to be ejected into cyberspace and I won't ever want to see it again.

Well, mostly what I want to save are the hundreds of pictures I have taken over the last couple of years and definitely the Christmas some 3 years ago where everyone was over at my house.  It was one of the best Christmas's that I can remember in recent times.  Not because it was at my house, just because for some odd reason, everyone was happy, no-one was fighting and there were a lot of people over here creating a noisy atmosphere and one where the "awkward silent moments" never even occurred.  It helped that I had cooked a ham and a Standing Rib Roast, of which the ham was hardly touched and the roast almost completely disappeared.  Considering it was a 16 pound roast, yes that was incredible.

Well anyway, Photobucket has this neat new option - well I don't know how new it is, I haven't been on my Photobucket account in a while - to upload entire folders at the click of a button.  Instead of the old method of having to select each photo, individually, you just upload the entire album regardless of how many photos are in it.  I also did not know Photobucket also allows to upload videos, so I am doing that as well.  I have 800 plus photos uploading right now.  Yup, it's going to be quite a while.  But I'm done, I don't have to do any more clicking, I just have to wait it out.  Once those are done, I am going to go through my files and save whichever I want to save.  Usually, that just means copying and pasting into an email.  That shouldn't take long as I don't believe I have that many files that I need to keep.

So there.  In the next couple of days, I do hope to have this all done and have formatted the computer hard drive and then re-installed Windows 7.  This file saving was the thing that was holding me back from wanting to do this "project", if you want to call it that. As many bug finders and spyware scans as I have done, I did find a Trojan Horse through the use of Glary Utilities - which I thought strange that neither Avast nor Spybot found - got rid of that but I still don't think my computer is cleared.  I have been wanting to do this for a while now, I can only say that I have finally started and hopefully soon enough I can report back on here how my new operating system is functioning.

Ummm, but this software uploading these photos? Consuming a large amount of my computer's resources, so no "heavy-lifting" online until it's done.

Well whatever.  Lynnette just walked by - in a very bad mood.  I said good morning to her and she just mumbled something unintelligible.  She goes through some serious mood swings at time.  The things she is confronted with in life are not enviable, to say the least.  But it dawned on me that it is the beginning of the month and they are probably out of food or very low on it.  In fact, I know so because George told me they were eating whatever scraps they could find out of their collection.  Ummm, yeah.  I don't know about the rest of her situation, but I will help with the food portion of it.  I'll go get some Chinese today from a place whose food they absolutely love.  Buy it by the pound, I usually get about 5 of those large, styrofoam containers of it - around $25 worth.  It's a lot of food and can last a couple of days.

I'd go right now, but it's not even 8am and that place doesn't open until 11am.  I like to get there shortly after they open because all the buffet tables are filled with food and there is no waiting for them to bring out replenishment food.  I pretty much clean them out on certain dishes when I go in there.  The guy that runs the place recognizes me now when I walk in and he immediately goes and gets his microphone and starts blaring out directives - in Chinese I am guessing since it's a Chinese food restaurant but who knows for sure, lol.  That microphone broadcasts through speakers in the kitchen.  Interesting setup they have, but it seems to work for them.

Okay, the first file is almost done, lol.  I am uploading out of something like 20 files, ha!  This computer has slowed down in recent times to the point that whatever is causing it, it must go.  I can't wait to get this all done.

Goodness gracious, this file uploading is causing this thing to not even want to access the simplest of sites to get onto, such as craigslist or Ebay.  Time to get out the laptop.
Long interlude.  Took George up to Fry's to get groceries.  He can't drive and his girlfriend - who lives about 35 miles or more from here - is laid up in bed and has been for 3 weeks now.  Pics are still uploading.  Dogs were frying out there.  Lol.  Well, they have plenty of cool water and shade is all I can say about that, they are in the house when I'm home.  It's getting warm/hot.

The grass killer I used the other day - which seemed to have done nothing initially - is slowly working.  Apparently it takes a while.  The grass is slowly turning brown while, thankfully and so far, the plants that they are surrounding/invading are not visibly affected.  Time will tell, but if the stuff works without killing plants, I will be using a lot more of it out front.

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