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My vacation

Modern-day lingo calls it a staycation.

I spent it re-organizing and re-invigorating ideas on some changes both inside and outside of the house.

I won't go into the outside things, that's something I'm still contemplating and attempting to define what I want to do with, only considering the east side of the house where the ponds are.

My concentration of energy was in my bedroom and more, in the bathroom. I have, over time, been attempting to find pictures to put up on the walls in there and as I find them, I put them up. Just going to keep looking and hoping to find a good deal on something that appeals to me - which the focus is on the Great Outdoors.

Meanwhile, I am still coming to terms with the fact that my son is going to be gone for 2 months, back for less than a month and then gone for an entire year - and after that who knows what's happening.  I thought about the trip up to the camp on Sunday to take him up there and got this feeling that I better…

Goodbye CenturyLink DSL, Hello Cox Cable High Speed Internet

I found the company on Craigslist that I was searching for in the past for hooking up to Cox Internet.  It's a 6 month offer for less than half the price of Cox's regular pricing for that tier of service, plus free, professional installation.  I have had more than enough of CenturyLink's rude, offensive and obnoxious attitudes towards customers.  The only individual that I have really connected with in that company is the local field tech supervisor who hasn't played the denigration game at all.

But after having yet another conversation with CenturyLink management this morning - with this lady repeatedly interrupting me and talking to me in condescending tones, just enough is enough. As I have stated before, it's time to find out whether the grass is any greener (and even if it's partly browned, it will be vastly better than the blackened grass on Century Link's side)  on the other side of the fence. I have been a CenturyLink customer since they started her…