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Off to the races.  Amazingly, the hint of the sun's light already showing up at 4:30 am, when I got up for work.  Weather forecast to get up to 109 today.  This is one day - coming back from work after 9 off - that I hope and dream of just an 8 hour day, get it over with, get off work and get home.

History, however, usually has a much crueler version of coming back to work after extended time off.  But I don't really care that much, working is a part of life, at least my life and there isn't much I can do about it at this point in time.  As long as the AC works in that truck and hopefully there are runs to do - not sitting around the shop all day attempting to invent things to do.  That was where I left off now that I think about it - work slow down and not looking up too much.

And, the hint of "head-count reductions" as my company likes to call it.  Probably most companies call it something like that, a bit of a distanced way of saying you are getting rid of em…