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Cox Cable

So, this subcontractor from Cox Cable (remember what happened with a subcontractor with that company last week!) shows up and tells me he is going to start with the box out front and then work his way back.  He is at the wrong box.  I pointed at the other one on the other side of my property and said that's the one over there.  "I'll find it myself, thanks".  Attitude.

I just decided to go back inside the house and let him figure it out on his own.  He comes in the house eventually and asks where a cable outlet is.  Right there, I replied.  No, sir, this is a phone outlet.  Yup, I said, that's where my current internet line is, I want that one yanked out from the bottom and then feed a new one up through there, I don't need the phone line anymore and don't want it.

I had to inform this guy fully 4 times, saying the same thing over and over about where the interface was installed and how I want a line under the house.  It became clear that he did not want …