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Centurylink didn't bother to even call me about the tech coming over until around 3:00 pm and was informed that they wouldn't be here for another hour.  No worries, I replied, I am no longer interested, I have Cox Cable over here installing new internet service now, you need not come.

The "real" Cox tech had the thing done in about 20 minutes and he was gone. Speed tests are showing that I am getting around 30mbps - though the package I asked for is 15-20.  This compared to the 5mpbs Centurylink was giving me and telling me they couldn't do any better.  

Well, hopefully, I am done with all of this nonsense.  Making endless calls to Centurylink, getting sent over to Philippine incoming call lines, having to ask for Americans, then still having to go through a ridiculous process to actually speak to someone.

I have no intention, whatsoever, of paying the outstanding balance on the bill and intend on calling them to let them know that they can take that bill and rem…