Friday, June 14, 2013

Finally Friday.
This is the longest, most drawn-out work week I have endured in quite a long time.  Only one day  have I been "minimally" busy.  The rest of it has been inventing things to do at the shop to keep busy.  Even if it were acceptable to sit around doing nothing, I just couldn't do that.  I would go insane attempting to not just fall asleep.  I have to keep busy at work with something to keep me engaged and moving around.

I have no plans for this weekend, either.  I am not going up north, I am not going to do much of anything.  At least that's what I'm thinking right now, lol.  The house is almost empty.  My son is gone, George is gone for the weekend and the tenant that is never here? Isn't here!  Mark and Lynnette the only ones around.

Abysmal paycheck.  That's what I call it. It's a paycheck without any OT on it at all. Down more then $300 from what my checks were before this retraction in work started.  A loss of $600 per month? That will be hard to swallow.  Especially during summer months when my electric bill more than doubles what it is during winter months.  I hardly have to use heat during the winter so the only electric expense is just TV's, computers, refrigerators and such.

I can only hope that business will pick back up and I will get at least some OT.

That's it.  Off to work. There is enough work in the system to keep me busy for about 3 hours and then?  Gag.



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