Sunday, June 16, 2013

I waited all day long to hear from my son.

Selfish? I dunno, I'm his dad, I want to hear from him on Father's day.  If that's selfish, then I confess.  Actually, I just want to hear from him, regardless of the excuse to get him to call.

But I didn't give up hope.  When he is up at that camp, if I do get a call from him, it is usually on Sundays and usually late afternoon.

So, when the phone rang, I gave it 99% chance it was him - I do not talk on the phone much and mostly only get calls at work from salesmen and such.  I don't much care to talk on the phone with anyone but friends/people I like or people with opposing views that can actually engage in a civil conversation, live, without getting into name-calling and such.

It was my son! Yes.  Very nice conversation, not about me, either, I was asking him all about what's going on up there and he was convenient to tell me such. They take an entire week to prepare for the campers arrival.  That starts tomorrow.  I don't remember the age groups, they range throughout the summer from something like 7 to 17.

And so it was.  I am so proud of my son.  I could care less if he becomes "successful" in the worldly meaning of it if it means that his life is spent serving the Lord.  But God isn't broke, lol.  Eternity is forever and that has more meaning in THIS life than whatever else happens in this life.  I'm preaching to myself, to be honest.  Why do I care so much about a retirement account and having money in the end?  I ask myself that question and the only answer I can come up with is that I don't want to be broke in my old age.

Not really a bad answer, really, but not sufficient in and of itself, alone.  There is more and I am hungry for it.  God has the destiny for our lives, each one of us and that is what I am seeking after.  The message at church today was incredible.  It was a love message unlike anything I have ever heard and it was completely backed up by Scripture, which, really, was what moved me so.

Speaking of my son, I moved Sebastion - that's the name he gave the old Buick - from the other side of the street to in front of my house today.  I will start the car and run it for a while once a week.  Should be sufficient to ensure it isn't going to get old and die on me.  It's a 1994 Buick LeSabre, old but fired right up and idled without any hesitation.  Ever since I had that car towed into an old-style electrical shop and had that guy figure out what's wrong with it, I have had NO problems with it whatsoever.

The sad part?  I think that he figured out was wrong with it was the problem with it all along.  I spent a lot of money getting that thing "figured out" at 3 different places.  Well whatever.  I intend on keeping it as long as my son says he wants it.  Unless I get something else for me, a truck preferably, then I will get rid of that car and keep the Buick I am currently driving for him.  Just like his bedroom.  It will stay empty for whenever he may want to come home for a visit.  Well, it's not empty, it has everything in it the way he left it.  A keyboard on a stand, a large TV and other things.

Whatever. It made my day to hear from my son. That's all I really need to say.


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