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I waited all day long to hear from my son.

Selfish? I dunno, I'm his dad, I want to hear from him on Father's day.  If that's selfish, then I confess.  Actually, I just want to hear from him, regardless of the excuse to get him to call.

But I didn't give up hope.  When he is up at that camp, if I do get a call from him, it is usually on Sundays and usually late afternoon.

So, when the phone rang, I gave it 99% chance it was him - I do not talk on the phone much and mostly only get calls at work from salesmen and such.  I don't much care to talk on the phone with anyone but friends/people I like or people with opposing views that can actually engage in a civil conversation, live, without getting into name-calling and such.

It was my son! Yes.  Very nice conversation, not about me, either, I was asking him all about what's going on up there and he was convenient to tell me such. They take an entire week to prepare for the campers arrival.  That starts tomorrow. …