Friday, June 21, 2013

I'm sitting at my computer desk in my kitchen. Well, you can call it next to the kitchen but part of the kitchen?  Whatever.  I hear the click of the rear door - meaning someone is coming in.  It's the only entrance we use in and out of the house - excepting I use the east door to get to the east side of the property to enjoy my ponds and such.

There is also a sliding glass door right next to where my desk is, but I banished the use of that a long time ago.

I mostly ignore people coming in and out of that door, it's about 30 feet behind me, if I'm on the net or doing something on the computer, I rarely even look up until the person gets into the kitchen itself.  Well when no-one came into the kitchen, I started to turn my head to look up and at the same time, Duke and Prince started growling.

Those dogs never growl at anyone coming through that back door. The door clicked again, also at the same time I was turning my head and by the time I got my eyes on the back door, I caught a fleeting glimpse of someone in a t-shirt - they took off.  Duke was already up and running towards the back door, I was much more motivated and had to move him out of my way.  By the time I got out the back door, no-one in sight.  I was out there too fast for anyone to have run all they to the front gate, so I started looking over fences.


This was broad daylight and someone had the gall to open my back door and apparently come into my house with me sitting there.  I decided to get my friend - SW40VE - and keep her at bit closer.  Scared? No. Worried? A bit. What was that person doing? What was their intent? Were they armed? Were they burglars/thieves?

This happened about an hour ago.

I am too tired to fool with it further.  I'm going to sleep.  Someone wants to mess with me in my bedroom, they are not going to like the outcome is all I can say.


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