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An amazing day

I walked into the sanctuary/auditorium/whatever-you-want-to-call-it at church today, going to my normal place to sit.  I don't move around from Sunday to Sunday, I have a "preferred" row where I sit and that's that, whether anyone else sits around me or not.

On my way there, I look around a pillar to see a woman from the past, that I hadn't seen since the church whose pastor shunned me.  I was shocked, jaw-dropped  while she expressed loudly: Well if it isn't BEN B******!!!!

In a nano-second, emotions of hate, anger and contempt came into my whole being.  I was loathing this woman with every fiber of my being, my innards were crying out that I hated her and I couldn't stop it. THIS was the woman that had handed me a "word from the Lord", so long ago, that just short of told me I was going to hell because I was getting divorced.  The letter was rancid, flesh-originated and full of condemnation and judgement.  I will NEVER forget it because it wa…