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Another Monday here.
No short work week, either, just another long, drawn out week.
Well, not today though.  There are $65,000 worth of orders in the system.
Because Friday was inventory day, we couldn't pull those orders so unless they did it this weekend, I will have my hands full this morning.

A good thing.  It will take hours to pull the order, even more time to wrap it and load it and then it's a bit of drive out east to deliver it.  Should take up most if not all of the morning.  This is the way to start a work week, not like last week where there was absolutely nothing to do and I sat around inventing things to do all day long so I wouldn't fall asleep in complete, utter boredom.

I wrote my pastor an email yesterday about the situation with the lady that showed up at church, I did ask if he has a few moments this week if we could meet somewhere.  But he was busy at the hospital.  A baby we have been praying for for a long, long time now is finally getting a new hea…