Monday, June 24, 2013

Another Monday here.
No short work week, either, just another long, drawn out week.
Well, not today though.  There are $65,000 worth of orders in the system.
Because Friday was inventory day, we couldn't pull those orders so unless they did it this weekend, I will have my hands full this morning.

A good thing.  It will take hours to pull the order, even more time to wrap it and load it and then it's a bit of drive out east to deliver it.  Should take up most if not all of the morning.  This is the way to start a work week, not like last week where there was absolutely nothing to do and I sat around inventing things to do all day long so I wouldn't fall asleep in complete, utter boredom.

I wrote my pastor an email yesterday about the situation with the lady that showed up at church, I did ask if he has a few moments this week if we could meet somewhere.  But he was busy at the hospital.  A baby we have been praying for for a long, long time now is finally getting a new heart (yes, literally a heart transplant) and that is, obviously, far more important.  In fact, it was incredibly good news to hear during the service yesterday that a surgeon had flown out somewhere to see the heart and see if it would be  good match and yes, DURING the service the pastor received a text message saying it is!!

But still, he said he will find time later this week which is cool with me.

Life goes on and "things" continue to occur in my life and in those around me.  I am still a bit in shock with my friend's planned divorce proceedings.  I have known her since the ministry days.  She's a good lady, but I know all too well the issues that go on in marriage and a willingness from both sides to work things out is totally necessary to avoid - eventual divorce.  I guess the hard part to swallow about all of this is the large amount of children they have had and the fact that several of them are still very young, well under 10 years old.  That isn't exactly a recipe for a balanced life when considering growing up without the parental "units" being there, together.

Whatever.  I can't do anything about that except pray, and pray I will!

Time to be off to work.



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