Tuesday, June 25, 2013

As predicted - and hoped for - Monday was busy all day long.
It was also unsettling to see ADOT Enforcement vehicles, sheriffs and Highway Patrol stopping trucks all over the place.  They just can't leave us alone.  Pick on trucks but let car drivers doodle on down the road while paying more attention to their smart phones than the road in front of them.  ADOT takes pleasure in finding a driver that they can disqualify or a truck they can put out of service.  Whatever.  I have little respect for those that have no respect for me and my encounters with ADOT have not been pleasant ones with these little "dictators" running around acting like mini-gods and expecting you to bow and worship them whenever you have the extreme misfortune of being pulled over by one of them.

I got lucky as they were all busy with other drivers.

As for today, it also looks busy.  I hope it's a trend that continues for a while, lol. Days just whisk by and seem like nothing whenever I am busy at work and there is more to do than time to get it all done.

I have an appointment with the pastor for Thursday.  I could have done it today, but for whatever reason, I knew I wouldn't feel like doing that today so I opted for a Thursday meet instead.

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