Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I walked into the house and heard very loud arguing going on.
Not accustomed to hearing such in my house.
Don't like it, either and I won't put up with it for very long.
I have had other couples getting into heated arguments in here in the past and at a certain point?
I went banging on the door.  "Whatever you are fighting about, I DON'T WANT TO BE SUBJECTED TO IT, take it outside or find another place to live".  

I am not going to have that kind of s*** going on in my house on an on-going basis.  Life has FAR to much crap to offer to have to listen to that kind garbage going on in your own home.  I am NOT married anymore and I refuse to be subjected to it.

So it is. I haven't addressed it - yet.  This is the first day I have heard it.  If this is a one-time, knock-down, drag-it-out deal, then fine.  Get it out of the system.

Whatever.  I was sent home early today after getting back to the yard around 1:15.  I have overtime and the company isn't liking it.  I can understand why, our numbers are WAY down but there is nothing I can do about a situation when I am out on the road doing deliveries and pickups.  It only took half an hour off the 4 hour and a half hours I had already accumulated this week and 2 more days to get rid of the rest of it if it slows down again.

I want the OT, but if I can't have it, I can't have it.  If they do another situation where hours are reduced to 7 per day, I don't think I will deal with that again. I went for over 3 years doing that and now that I have been out of it for a year or so, I don't want to revert back to it.  At the same time, looking for a job, even if  I am a "qualified" driver - totally sucks.  Put in applications all over the place and look at the offers.  If I have to go looking for another job, it's going to be about the money, not about the hours.  It would be very hard, though, to walk away from a place where I now have upgraded vacation hours.

Well I just hope it doesn't go there.  I can deal with 8 hours a day only and no OT, I don't like it but I can deal with it, but anything less makes it awfully hard to make ends meet.  The kicker for me is that during all that time, management didn't take any pay reductions.  It's hard to sympathize when someone is doling it out but isn't taking it up the ying-yang like everyone else.

Just another thing I don't need to deal with.  No official word of headcount reduction, but if the monthly sales volume continues the way it is, it is inevitable that it will occur and it will happen out of the blue with no forewarning and no-one will have any idea who is going and who is staying.

Meanwhile, the forecast high for Friday is anywhere from 117 to 120, depending on whose forecast your read/listen to/watch.  And as normal, people say it's a "dry heat".  So is an oven but you don't deny it's ability to cook roasts and whatever else to well done.

I have nothing left to say, well I do but not worth going into.


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