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I walked into the house and heard very loud arguing going on.
Not accustomed to hearing such in my house.
Don't like it, either and I won't put up with it for very long.
I have had other couples getting into heated arguments in here in the past and at a certain point?
I went banging on the door.  "Whatever you are fighting about, I DON'T WANT TO BE SUBJECTED TO IT, take it outside or find another place to live".  

I am not going to have that kind of s*** going on in my house on an on-going basis.  Life has FAR to much crap to offer to have to listen to that kind garbage going on in your own home.  I am NOT married anymore and I refuse to be subjected to it.

So it is. I haven't addressed it - yet.  This is the first day I have heard it.  If this is a one-time, knock-down, drag-it-out deal, then fine.  Get it out of the system.

Whatever.  I was sent home early today after getting back to the yard around 1:15.  I have overtime and the company isn't liking…