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It was hot out there today. No, it wasn't the 117 to 120 they are predicting tomorrow, but 112 degrees is plenty hot, thank you very much.  But as much as I disdain the heat and I despise living here in the summer, I have adapted very quickly this year to the intense heat and though I might throw some complaints out about it, I am taking it very well considering.

There is no doubt, though, that my mind is fairly well made up that retiring here? If I live that long? Not a happening event.  Charleston, South Carolina sounds good. So do a couple of places in Oregon.  My internet friend Fin seems to think Mississippi is the bomb.  I read about other's lives where they live and how they are liking it there.  I think about moving out of this state alot.  My company has stores all over the United States.  One only need find a place one wants to live and then put in for any available positions, or just wait until one becomes available.

Meanwhile, my dad.  Dear old dad. I love him dea…