Thursday, June 27, 2013

It was hot out there today. No, it wasn't the 117 to 120 they are predicting tomorrow, but 112 degrees is plenty hot, thank you very much.  But as much as I disdain the heat and I despise living here in the summer, I have adapted very quickly this year to the intense heat and though I might throw some complaints out about it, I am taking it very well considering.

There is no doubt, though, that my mind is fairly well made up that retiring here? If I live that long? Not a happening event.  Charleston, South Carolina sounds good. So do a couple of places in Oregon.  My internet friend Fin seems to think Mississippi is the bomb.  I read about other's lives where they live and how they are liking it there.  I think about moving out of this state alot.  My company has stores all over the United States.  One only need find a place one wants to live and then put in for any available positions, or just wait until one becomes available.

Meanwhile, my dad.  Dear old dad. I love him dearly, but the life he is living is hell on earth.  His wife throws him out, brings him back, throws him out.  I decided to stay away from that email address for a couple of weeks because I am having a hard time dealing with that.  I went today and found a lot of emails going on between him and my uncles. One of them from my uncle Bill - who is dealing with ALS or MS, don't remember which, regardless horrifying, unbelievable diseases - who wrote him an email and then named me - and asked for my thoughts?  I have been pretty forthright with my dad about this ever since I started reading all this stuff and seeing how often this woman throws him out, it's ridiculous.  How can a woman want a man around at all after throwing him out so many times? How can a man want to be with a woman that obviously doesn't want him around?

Friday's a coming.  Yes, I don't want to dwell on the former subject too long, so changing it.  The projected highs are 117 to 120.  Now they have upped Saturday's high temps to 120 as well.  Whatever.  It means I have to be very diligent about watering my plants.  The entire property watered today after I got off work.  All of it. They are all heat tolerant, but if they don't have enough water, well you can figure out the rest.  It doesn't take long in this heat for the ground to dry up and the plants to go along with them, especially the "non-desert" plants that need more water.  I remember when installing my sprinkler system - I had no clue.  Now I do.  If I had it to do all over again, well, it would certainly be a completely different setup.  The plants and trees that need a lot of water - would all be on one line.  It would include plants in the front, sides and rear of property.  A lot more main line but over time, would be WELL worth the expense.

The plants and trees that are desert originated - different main line which would have to run along side the line for the plants that need a lot of water.  I have a mix all over my property. And then a 3rd line for the plants/trees in between the first 2 variables.

The weekend.  Thoughts of going up north.  I dunno. I pretty much make that decision on Fridays after I get off work. Do I feel like driving up there?  It's 20 degrees cooler up there in daytime, MUCH cooler at night. Still have to run AC, though, when it's this hot.  Oh my, it's going to be 103 up there tomorrow! Not so surprising, though, in light of the 120 or so it's going to be here.  But, my RV has a good AC unit on it and blows out ice cold air.

Otherwise, stay home, stay inside and do nothing.  I would entertain a trip to Big Surf, but my son is gone and going alone wouldn't be as much fun.

Almost time for bed.


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