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I headed into my son's room today and got out his guitar that his grandpa gave him a couple of years ago.  It hasn't even been used.  It's a brand new guitar with the tags still hanging off of it.  I haven't played since i was a teenager and I wanted to see if I could remember the chords.  I could only remember g and c, I had to look up the rest of the basic chords, which do not include the minors and pluses.

I was actually quite pleased with myself at how fast I picked chords back up.

I just got back from being outside - standing there just watering plants. I began sweating profusely about 5 minutes after being out there.  It is darn hot and no-one is going to tell me anything different (though a couple have tried telling me wherever they are is much hotter, yeah if you're in the Sahara!).  There are certain plants out there that cannot handle this kind of heat without having daily waterings and that's what I was doing.

I was also attempting to catch my 12 in…