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The Truth Of The Matter

So here's the whole story behind the "person" I took with me up to the property in the mountains.

I have a friend.  I have known her since we were teenagers, though there was a good 20 - 25 year period we had no communication at all. Facebook actually brought us back together again.  We talked for a while on Facebook and then I went to her house several times a year or more ago and was visiting her and her kids.  She has a daughter and a son, both teenagers.

She is divorced and I guess the dad isn't exactly a good role model.  I wouldn't know, to be honest, I met him once and was only there for a few minutes and there is no way of me coming up with my own, good judgment of the character of the man without spending much more time around him - of which I have no desire to do so a non sequitur.

Well, we kinda drifted off again, though talked sporadically online through Facebook here and there.  She calls me up a week or so ago and tells me she has some medical cond…