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Fed-Ex Driver - Please Find A New Career

I don't know if it's been the same driver that has thrown deliveries all over the place over the years.  I'm assuming it is not, but in case it is? That guy or lady needs to find something else to do to earn a living.

The latest fiasco were my speakers.  I bid one penny on a set of computer speakers on Ebay - that had no reserve on it - and I won.  $7 shipping.  I come home from work and notice out of the corner of my eye a piece of paper lying on the ground next to the wall.  I pick it up, it's a notice from Fed Ex saying that my package was delivered and hand written that it was left behind the east gate.

This delivery driver put this rather large box directly on top of my central AC condenser.  Let me paint the picture for you. The condenser is the big thing outside where the hot freon comes through to be cooled off.  It returns from a gaseous state back to a liquid state.  So is my understanding of such.  On my condenser, a fan motor is attached to the top of the …