Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Fed-Ex Driver - Please Find A New Career

I don't know if it's been the same driver that has thrown deliveries all over the place over the years.  I'm assuming it is not, but in case it is? That guy or lady needs to find something else to do to earn a living.

The latest fiasco were my speakers.  I bid one penny on a set of computer speakers on Ebay - that had no reserve on it - and I won.  $7 shipping.  I come home from work and notice out of the corner of my eye a piece of paper lying on the ground next to the wall.  I pick it up, it's a notice from Fed Ex saying that my package was delivered and hand written that it was left behind the east gate.

This delivery driver put this rather large box directly on top of my central AC condenser.  Let me paint the picture for you. The condenser is the big thing outside where the hot freon comes through to be cooled off.  It returns from a gaseous state back to a liquid state.  So is my understanding of such.  On my condenser, a fan motor is attached to the top of the condenser with a fan blade.  The fan pulls the air through the lines filled with freon that go round and round it and blows it out the top of the unit.

Yup, that box was blocking 95% of the air coming out of there.  Fex Ex is lucky that there was no damage, but I am going to call my AC company anyway and ask them about it.  Overheating the system will, at the very least, eventually shut it down.  I don't know how long that box had been sitting there.

I once found a 10k check that had been thrown over the wall on that side of the house as well.  There was NO notification to be found anywhere that that is what that person had done with it. It has been sitting there for at least a day.   I found a box with Christmas cards that I had ordered in it, laying in my front yard.  It was raining.  The cardboard box was soaked, the envelopes inside the box were ruined.

At this point, I am not a big fan of Fed Ex.  Even our company mostly relies on UPS - both the small package service and the freight service - over Fed Ex.  Once in a while we have a Fed Ex freight truck come in, mostly not.


There will be no more mention of Fex Ex in this blog entry, so if you came here to find that, you need not read more as the rest of this is concerning other venues in my life.  You are welcomed to read, of course, but just warning you.

Gates.  The 2 gates I need for the property up north.  I think I can order them online through Home Depot and have them sent up there to there store in Payson.  Same thing as the T stakes, I don't want to haul them up there hanging out the back of my car.  It's about 22 miles from the Home Depot to my mom's property, I can deal with that much easier.  I am not sure I want to go up there again this weekend, though.  Once a month, maybe twice, is plenty for me going up there.

My son is doing okay at the youth camp, but he informed me via Facebook the other day that leadership is unhappy and down about the condition of the camp.  They bring in counselors from all over the place through Salvation Army churches that recommend them - but they never really know WHAT they are getting until the people show up unless they have been there before.  I spent a while on Facebook writing him back my version of Biblical reference and response to such situation and hoped it would help him. I also posted something on my wall asking for my Christian FB friends to pray for all of them up there. The next day, my ex-wife wrote me asking me to take it down.  Apparently, the FB is very strict about things and probably won't want everyone knowing that camp isn't going as well as they would like.  I kinda thought it paranoia on my ex-wife's part - she gets that way here and there - but as a precaution I took it down.  Probably too late anyway since my posts show up on my son's wall.

Oh well.  My intentions were completely pure: to PRAY for ALL of them. Some of my FB freinds are definitely prayer warriors and I know that regardless, they have already been praying about this situation.

So, anyway, August is coming quickly.  And August is going to be busy.  Ummm, but I think I'll save that for another post.

The extreme heat is taking it's toll on certain types of my plants.  Especially the Elephant Ear plants.  They have been slowly withering away from the edges of the massive leaves inward.  The only hope for them is that they do, indeed, continue to grow out fresh leaves, but summer is still on for quite a while, I don't know if they are going to survive it or not  Some of my honeysuckle is actually just burning, the leaves are turning brown from the intensity of both the direct sunlight and the heat.

We are in Monsoon season, though I have yet to see any of it, at least in the valley. Got a nice taste of rain up in the mountains last weekend, but we need the rain HERE as well.  Nuff said, but the humidity is up, that doesn't feel too good with high heat but the Elephant Ear plants like it.

I'm no pilot, no expert, but I do want to know how it is that a plane can be going too slow and the pilots apparently didn't recognize it?  The Asian Air jet that crashed on the tarmac.  I know they are saying they had the thing on auto-throttle, but isn't there an air speed indicator right in front of their faces? Is this not something that at least one of the pilots should be watching, especially while landing? That's a big price to pay to rely completely on technology and not really - do the job you are paid well to do.  Or at least, that is how it appears.  I am sure the NTSB will eventually come out with a ruling/statement on this disaster and that will hopefully not only uncover what happened, but also cause' yet another change in that industry, if needed, for the better.

Zimmerman? Shadow of a doubt? Plenty, as far as I can see.  I don't see how a jury can convict him with the evidence that has been presented - as viewed in the news anyway.

And then there's politics, of which I am not going to go into now.  Exacerbating.  Though there was a quip about the cost of Obamacare going to be much more than previously stated. Duhhhhh. I have been saying this since they were still debating it - whatever price they stated, quadruple it or even use 8 or 10 as a multiplier.  It's the government, we all know what happens when the government gets involved with something like this - or anything, really.

Switching back, I just sent my son an FB note about everything that's coming up and good thing he's young and full of energy, because he has a very full plate coming up, as if it isn't already full as it stands.  But I also threw in that I would love to take him to Cali again and do another boat trip.  I hate those small boats because for whatever reason, I start getting sea sick, a thing that never happened when I was younger.  I do hope that doesn't translate into flying as well!!  I didn't want to pressure him, but if he wants to go, I will be down for it - even if I start getting sick.  I think I will try to find a larger boat to go on if we do go and maybe the tossing about in the sea won't have such ill effect on me.

I think that's enough for one entry.  : )


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