Friday, July 12, 2013

Bank fiasco.  Chase bank sends me a text message yesterday - and how they did that I don't know because texting is shut off on the company phones - stating that I was a "victim of possible fraudulent activity" on my account.  Long story short? Someone is still trying to use the debit card number from my old card whose number was compromised and a person sent themselves 2 Western Union checks. Well the card was deactivated months ago. I called Chase who stated that there was nothing going on with that card.  They then call me 2 hours later and ask me if I tried to use that card.

Of course not, it doesn't work!!  They read off the names of 2 websites that a person tried to purchase stuff on, no, I reply, I did not do that and I don't have automatic withdrawals.  I don't DO automatic withdrawals for a plethora of reasons.

Getting stranger by the hour, my dad calls me another hour or two after that.  I don't get calls from my dad, we pretty much just communicate via email.  He states  that "Caleb" (my son) had called him earlier in the morning saying that he had been driving around in his car with his friends last night, that they had all gotten drunk and he was pulled over, arrested for DUI and possession of drugs and that he needed 2 grand to get out of jail.

I immediately informed my dad that it must be a hoax and you did not give them any money, did you?  No, he replied, he instead asked "Caleb" if he had called his dad first.  No, was the reply, he didn't want to make me mad.  Well, my dad replies, are you still up at the camp?  The person is not Caleb, they have no clue how to respond to the ensuing questions my dad gives, who is intimately aware of what is going in Caleb's life since I update him frequently about it.  The person eventually hung up on him and I asked my dad to please send me the phone number that the call was made from.  Though, likely a pay phone or throwaway cell phone type of thing that can't be traced back to the person.

Weird.  I then proceeded to inform the rest of my family in case this person tried it on them and also tried to call Caleb - just to be sure.  He didn't answer, but not unexpected, he doesn't have time during the day to make phone calls up there at that camp, the whole thing keeps him very busy.  I then called the camp's main number and asked a simple question: Is Caleb there?  A lady replies yes, Caleb works here.  No, I reply, that's not the question, is he there?  I went on to explain who I am and why I was calling.  OH, she replied, yes, we just saw him a little under an hour ago and that SAME thing happened to MY grandmother!

Okay, sigh of relief.  He's not in jail, Caleb doesn't do drugs or alcohol - as far as I know anyway - he's pretty much sold out to the Lord Jesus Christ and gives no place for such thing in his life.

Friday.  Payday.  Weekend looming.  Waiting for it to ever rain here in our alleged "Monsoon Season".  Which has done nothing but bring high humidity along with high temps to made it feel really  miserable outside.  Whatever the case, it's time to be off to work!


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