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Bank fiasco.  Chase bank sends me a text message yesterday - and how they did that I don't know because texting is shut off on the company phones - stating that I was a "victim of possible fraudulent activity" on my account.  Long story short? Someone is still trying to use the debit card number from my old card whose number was compromised and a person sent themselves 2 Western Union checks. Well the card was deactivated months ago. I called Chase who stated that there was nothing going on with that card.  They then call me 2 hours later and ask me if I tried to use that card.

Of course not, it doesn't work!!  They read off the names of 2 websites that a person tried to purchase stuff on, no, I reply, I did not do that and I don't have automatic withdrawals.  I don't DO automatic withdrawals for a plethora of reasons.

Getting stranger by the hour, my dad calls me another hour or two after that.  I don't get calls from my dad, we pretty much just communic…