Sunday, July 14, 2013

It's funny the places they put water reservoir tanks.  Like, frequently, out in the middle of the desert, in the middle of nowhere.  They inform me, usually, that there is water under the ground there and hence, they install a tank and pumps and filters and all of that and walaah, fresh, clean drinking water.  Well, that's the claim, anyway and that where I am at right now.  In the middle of the desert, lol.  They've got the water tank up but they have nothing else done yet.  Lot of valves, pipe and pumps to put in.

I was talking with my friend last night and she is adamant that I take her Suburban with the gates up north and another trip with her son.  We're slating that for 2 weekends from now.  No, I guess it's 3 since I am including the weekend that starts after work today.  2 weeks, anyway.  If I don't find any used gates by then, then I guess I will just have to see about getting them at Home Depot or Lowe's. Or now that I think of it, lots of places selling those chain link gates, start checking prices.


Long interlude.  Manager was jonesing to get me off work early today.  But it was a non-happening-event (that's a benb original right there).  I was way out east at 2 job sites and then drove clear downtown to the main branch and spent 2 hours there loading the truck up and the off to 2 different vendors, one of which took FOREVER to get the fire hydrants I was there to pick up.  They have one dude there taking care of however many customers show up at once and there were 2 ahead of me.  Not really complaining, though, it's part of the business of getting things: wait, wait, wait.

But after all that time waiting a dust storm started showing up to the east! They are now calling that Habubs, whatever, they are dust storms, that's what they were in the 70's, 80's, 90's and into the 2000's.  Not until recently they apparently wanted to give them some "name".  Well whatever the case, this one was over 3,000 feet high and visible for many miles away.  I was like, dude, get that stuff and get it on the truck!! Hurry! Lol, I didn't want to be outside in that s***.


Sorta skipped out on this entry, coming back to it a day and a half later.  Sunday morning. Church in less than 2 hours.  Was going to get a fence gate for the property off of Craigslist, but after I realized how far the drive was to get it and the savings maybe $15 over buying new, I canned that idea.  Might as well drive 2 miles to get them new - this seller was 35 to 40 miles away.  By the time you factor in fuel and the time it would take to get there and back, no savings at all, thanks for playing.

It's simple, really.  If I don't find them used before next weekend, I will be buying them new.  I would rather find them used at a much cheaper price, but so far there hasn't been any save the one in Litchfield.

Not much else going on - currently.  I'm attempting to get some dates from my son as to when he will and will not be here so I can take a week off work next month when he will be around and spend some time with him. Getting him to get dates is like pulling teeth, however, and I have been trying for a while now.  I'm gonna give up on it and just blow it off and save my vacation for some other time if he doesn't get me some dates soon, cause' I can't take a week off work without giving a good advanced notice.  Other drivers may opt to put in for the time I might need and hence another reason to find out soon.  But if he won't do it, he won't do it.  I wrote him another FB message earlier to ask him if he can please get that date.  Not to mention my mom is wanting to throw him a party up at the property up north, which he said he wants to go to, yet we have no idea whether he will even be in town on the date she is proposing.

Zimmerman is not guilty and of course those that wanted him found guilty are up in arms, crying foul and even going as far as to say that "America has betrayed us".  I'm surprised there hasn't been any rioting yet.  Sharpton - man with the mouth - calling on the Justice Department to do it's own investigation.  Sorry, Charlie, the jury is in, the verdict has been rendered and as far as I can remember, persons charged with murder and found not guilty cannot be tried again or as it is called: Double Jeopardy (great movie, btw).  Zimmerman is not off the hook entirely.  In reality, where in this nation will he ever feel safe?  His face pic has been plastered all over the news, unendingly, for quite a long time.  Unless you don't watch or read any news at all, you likely have seen his face.  People with revenge on their minds?  You know there are.  He'll have to live with that thought in his head the rest of his life and be looking over his shoulder.

I'm far more interested in the Asiana crash but little new material has been put out in the last several days about it.  But then again, the NTSB usually take a very long time to come to a factual and final conclusion about any air crash disaster.  But, to read the experts - one would conclude that this is a case of pilot error.  Plain and simple and unfortunately, 2 people had to die because of it and a multitude more injured, some seriously, plus a what, $100 million airplane destroyed.  I take that back, just looked it up, closer to the $300 million range!! Wow!!  I was reading a 26 year pilot yesterday online who was stating that airplanes really don't have a shelf life.  Older planes may have more maintenance to do, but for all intents and purposes, they can be kept in service almost indefinitely.

Too bad they don't do that with cars.  Of course, if such a car existed, I wonder what the price tag would be for it, lol.



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