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It's funny the places they put water reservoir tanks.  Like, frequently, out in the middle of the desert, in the middle of nowhere.  They inform me, usually, that there is water under the ground there and hence, they install a tank and pumps and filters and all of that and walaah, fresh, clean drinking water.  Well, that's the claim, anyway and that where I am at right now.  In the middle of the desert, lol.  They've got the water tank up but they have nothing else done yet.  Lot of valves, pipe and pumps to put in.

I was talking with my friend last night and she is adamant that I take her Suburban with the gates up north and another trip with her son.  We're slating that for 2 weekends from now.  No, I guess it's 3 since I am including the weekend that starts after work today.  2 weeks, anyway.  If I don't find any used gates by then, then I guess I will just have to see about getting them at Home Depot or Lowe's. Or now that I think of it, lots of places…