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Work. Irritating.  The new kid working there - he's 23 but in terms of work ethic or follow-through, he's a juvenile in every sense of the word.

Lazy, doesn't listen and sloppy.  Sits on the internet at work half the day and smoking the rest.  At least that's what it appears like when I'm there - more on the road than anything.  But my manager kept him outside all day long, putting this kid into a "big-time penalty box".  I just have little respect for someone that doesn't want to put forth any effort unless the manager has directly tell them to do something. There is plenty to do around there, it's  just stuff he doesn't want to do, such as sweeping the rocks up off the asphalt.

But this morning was enough. He had several different types of pipe stacked up in piles, all in a line.  Well a contractor showed up this morning needing 500 feet of some of the pipe in that line of pipe.  I couldn't get at it without either having to move a LOT o…