Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Work. Irritating.  The new kid working there - he's 23 but in terms of work ethic or follow-through, he's a juvenile in every sense of the word.

Lazy, doesn't listen and sloppy.  Sits on the internet at work half the day and smoking the rest.  At least that's what it appears like when I'm there - more on the road than anything.  But my manager kept him outside all day long, putting this kid into a "big-time penalty box".  I just have little respect for someone that doesn't want to put forth any effort unless the manager has directly tell them to do something. There is plenty to do around there, it's  just stuff he doesn't want to do, such as sweeping the rocks up off the asphalt.

But this morning was enough. He had several different types of pipe stacked up in piles, all in a line.  Well a contractor showed up this morning needing 500 feet of some of the pipe in that line of pipe.  I couldn't get at it without either having to move a LOT of pipe or attempting to slide it out sideways.  I got it out sideways, but geeze.  After finishing that project - I get there before anyone else and if there are contractors at the door, I take care of them and get them whatever they need - I go to the semi to find the cheater bar has been dumped on top of one of the fuel tanks.  Scratches all over everything,  my manager would NEVER do anything like that: New kid.

I was starting to get extremely irritable about all of this and then come to find he was also supposed to have 3 huge fittings ready to go, which he didn't .  My irritation came out to him after that, but I withheld the worst of it: Please put that thing on a pallet and load it on the truck, said in curt, short way intended to let him know that his lack of desire to do much of anything around there was getting noticed by everyone in the place and outside the place as well.

I'm going to discuss with my manager to keep that kid OUT and AWAY from the semi. He can bash things against the semi trailer all he wants, either nothing or very little will happen to hit, but the tractor? Get the freak off the thing and stay AWAY from it.  I respect the equipment whether it's mine or not, I always have and I always will treat it like it's my own.

The list goes on of the things this guy does - that he has been instructed not to do - the manager I do believe is ready to start writing him up.

Well whatever.  My friend's condition is so bad now that her son is the only way she gets around, she can't drive half the time she can't even stand up and for all the visits to the doctor, she hasn't gotten any kind of diagnosis.  I invited her to come to my church on Sunday.  I believe she is under demonic attack and I also believe that all of that can be put down.  She committed to coming regardless of how she feels.

Invite to go up to the high country for a campout this weekend.  Invite denied.  Too much going on down here and anyway, if I were going to go, it would be with that family up to mom's property.  Not that I wouldn't mind going on a regular tent-style camping trip. but it's just not in the cards this weekend - or if it were, I would have to leave on Sunday morning, early, to get back to church in time.  I might consider it now that I think of it, I won't discount it, I just don't know if I want to go through all the prep work of doing a regular camping trip for only a overnight.  Better to do that on an extended weekend on holiday, I think. Oh, this was a work invite - like a lot of people going up from work to get away from the heat and - allegedly - enjoy each other's company, lol.

August Vegas trip cancelled. My tenant's girlfriend's condition has not improved and she is still going to be on extended leave through August. Which bothers me not, I am still attempting to come up with a plan for August with my son, but some dates are unknown and I can't really do anything until he gives them to me.

Ummm, late.  Got home from work - late.  I'm done for the day, time to get ready to go to bed.


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