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Fry's Food Stores 48th Street & Baseline/Camping Trip

Decided early yesterday morning to go up to the mountains and go to the camp party. So, I went to Fry's.  This is the same Fry's that I have had endless problems with, mostly very, very poor customer service. So, I went around and got everything I wanted, about 20 minutes of going from one end of the store to the other and then got in line at the checkout.  I was informed that self-checkout was available.  
No thanks, I'll just wait. I pretty much gave up on self service several months back, too many problems and too many inattentive employees who aren't manning the main station to monitor the activity going on.  
Then the cashier tells me that she will call someone up and points to the register behind her.  Okay.  But I didn't mind waiting, the line wasn't that long. She insisted, so I went over there, put all my stuff on the conveyor belt and waited.  She calls a cashier which never shows up.  Finally, yet another new manager, apparently front-end manager, sh…