Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thursday.  Humid and hot.  Went through yesterday attempting to keep myself from saying anything "negative" to or about anyone.  Was very difficult in the semi, though.  Getting cut off and having people then braking in front of you is maddening when you can't even let out the steam~!

New kid worker - 23 years old I think - is turning into a person that we don't even want to talk to.  If we need to find him now, we just go to the warehouse bathroom where he hangs out, doing nothing.  I don't know how such people can survive in this world.  Maybe just surviving?  Like, no motivation in life to do anything, it shows at work if that's your mindset.  But he doesn't even do the bare minimum.  He just disappears.  We are going to start firing up the furnace when he goes in there and blast him out of that room.

The manager doesn't feel it's his job to have to go finding this dude every 5 minutes to find out what he's doing and he's too busy doing his work to have time for that.

Well fun time here again, time to be off to work.



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