Sunday, July 28, 2013

Lost posts.  Posted them, they didn't come up on here. I could just go into the dashboard and find them, but what the hey, might as well just start fresh.  I think the reason why the didn't show up is that I have been doing a set of goals on Cafe World - something I haven't done in almost 8 months - and it kinda messes with the computer.  Have to clean it regularly and delete files and such. I probably won't be doing another set of goals for a while, I remembered why I quit doing them: extremely time-consuming.  Okay to do once in a while, not every freaking day.  

Anyway, Caleb is returning on the 2cd.  So mom is going all hog crazy buying food and stuff for him for his return.  She is obviously having a problem with him leaving for a full year.  I understand that, I'm having a bit of trouble with it as well.  But I wouldn't expect her to see too much of him, his friends are already Jonesing for his time when he gets back.  They all know he's going to be gone for a long time, he is a well-liked and loved person.

In fact, the month of August will be very busy for him.  I can only hope to catch some time with him as it permits.  But he is, at least, a family oriented person and likes to spend time with both mom and dad, so that's cool.  I think the rubber will meet the road at the airport, when he's leaving and it is going to hit us.  He's been gone almost 2 months now as it is, but an entire year is another thing entirely.

Regardless, I am taking the second week off in August in hopes of either going to California with him or at least being able to spend some "quality" time with him.

Work.  New kid has pushed me right up to the line.  One more little push and it's all over.  He has no clue, whatsoever.  No social skills, no social graces, doesn't understand that you can't go around talking to people just anyway you please at work.  Lacking any kind of work ethic, finding new places to hide all the time.  Yet the manager and I are both onto it.  But Friday was enough.  Besides the fact that he spent much of the day finding ways to stay out of work and not do anything, he also challenged me.  I was lifting a heavy, steel coupler and whenever I lift anything heavy, I do the weight-lifting "grunting" noise, I guess you call it.  I started doing that in high school when weight-lifting, something they teach you to do, or at least exhale forcefully, and something I just do when lifting heavier objects.  It helps.  So I did that lifting up that coupling which is when this kid proclaimed loudly: Oh come on now, that thing isn't THAT heavy, I can throw it half way across the yard!!  I dropped the thing right at his fit and told him to go ahead and throw it.

Snotty, obnoxious 23 year old b****.  I wanted to smack him upside the head.  Warned my manager if that guy continues with his s***, don't expect me to just put up with it.  I'm not looking for trouble, but this kid definitely is.  Just tired of it. After almost 3 months of watching him leave messes laying all over the place, cigarette butts on the warehouse floor, not wanting to sweep up anywhere, doing only what the manager asks and then going and hiding, plus mouthing off, I've had enough.

Whatever. It just makes going to work a task, a thing you aren't necessarily looking forward to when such bs is going on.  Management thought they had transferred over a good worker from another branch out east, but this is definitely not the case.  You don't always, really, know what kind of worker you have until they are there, working and doing their thing.  It's just unbelievable to me that this guy thinks it's cool to spend hours every day smoking cigarettes - and doing nothing while he's doing it - or attempting to hide on the forklift on various parts of the property.

K, enough of that.  It's Sunday afternoon and I have done much of nothing today besides going to church.  I haven't felt like doing anything. I didn't do much of anything yesterday, either.  In fact, now that I think of it, I have only eaten a small oatmeal cookie at church this morning today, nothing else.  Yikes.  I've been gaining weight/fat and have decided to cut back on eating/drinking altogether, but yes, I must at least eat something. 

I dunno what else.  Nothing else really.  Well lots of stuff, but I don't feel like going into it.



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