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Lost posts.  Posted them, they didn't come up on here. I could just go into the dashboard and find them, but what the hey, might as well just start fresh.  I think the reason why the didn't show up is that I have been doing a set of goals on Cafe World - something I haven't done in almost 8 months - and it kinda messes with the computer.  Have to clean it regularly and delete files and such. I probably won't be doing another set of goals for a while, I remembered why I quit doing them: extremely time-consuming.  Okay to do once in a while, not every freaking day.  

Anyway, Caleb is returning on the 2cd.  So mom is going all hog crazy buying food and stuff for him for his return.  She is obviously having a problem with him leaving for a full year.  I understand that, I'm having a bit of trouble with it as well.  But I wouldn't expect her to see too much of him, his friends are already Jonesing for his time when he gets back.  They all know he's going to be g…