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It finally came to a head last night.
I am referring to George's surround sound.
I was sitting out here attempting to watch a show on TV.
I don't watch much TV, when I do have it on, it's usually something that interests me.
George was watching a movie in his bedroom with that thing on.
He had it turned up so loud, I had to turn the volume up on my TV to
it's highest level just to be able to hear the show.
Mark came out of his room and was disgusted - he said even with headphones
on he couldn't even hear his TV.
That was it.  I went to his bedroom with the intention of politely asking him to turn
it down, substantially.
I knocked on his door.  No answer.  Second time, louder.  No answer.
3rd time I was banging on his door and he still couldn't hear it because of the volume
level of that surround sound.
THAT'S how loud it was.
I gave up, came back into the kitchen, wrote up a notice and figured to give it to him tomorrow since it
was my bed time.

I went into…