Thursday, August 1, 2013

I think I found the hotel we are going to stay at.  I actually decided to just get a map up of the Mission Valley area (in San Diego) and sure enough, the names of hotels were all over it.  I thought about Howard Johnson's, but that place had some pretty bad reviews.  I just want a place that I can sleep at - without a lot of noise from everyone else around us.  I don't care that much about amenities, as long as the bed is at least semi-comfortable, I am good with it.

And so it is how I find the place.  It is listed as old and needing renovations, but most everyone that reviewed still gave it a good review.  Okay, there are always bad reviews - actually of any hotel property - and so this one has some too, but I was impressed enough with all the good reviews that I have decided this is the place.  It's much cheaper than anything else around there - save probably that hell-hole-of-a-place called Motel 6 Mission Valley.  I would rather sleep in my CAR than sleep in that rat s***-hole.

Okay, I'll just give the name and the website address: Kings Inn San Diego -

I went to their site and they state that they have recently renovated the rooms and I read at least one review that also confirmed this, so I'm good with it.  Give it a try. The worst that can happen? The same as happened in 2011 at that s***hole of a "hotel" - Motel 6.  I just cannot believe that Motel 6 would allow their brand name on a place as rank as that place is.  Not that Motel 6's are floating-on-the-clouds motels, but pleeeeeeeaaaaaaasssssssseeeeeeee..  I've been at a LOT of Motel 6's all over the place, all over the country in fact, this was the WORST one I have ever experienced.  I have left reviews all over the internet of that place to warn would-be guests to steer far clear of the place.

Anyway, Kings Inn price is the allure for me, that and the many good reviews.  If I could afford to stay at the Marriot down the road, I would, but that's not a happening event and I don't care about that stuff right now, my son definitely doesn't care.  In fact, at that Motel 6, the night where I didn't get ANY sleep at all, maybe an hour's worth, he slept right through all of that noise.  I still marvel to this day how anyone could sleep with all that racket going on.  That is truly the word I can use to define his ability to sleep through that: marvel.  I can only dream of being able to sleep through such racket.

Though I do remember a trip to California on a Greyhound bus with screaming kids and a LOT of racket going on, where somehow, I was able to tune out all of that noise and drift in and out of sleep.  I would sleep for 45 minutes, wake up in wonder - wondering whether the noise was still going on - and yes it was - and just go back to sleep again.  I'm one of those people that at bedtime, it has to be dark in the room and either very quiet or white noise.  I opt for white noise - all the time.  A box fan supplies that sound and ear plugs tames that sound so it is a "constant" sound.  I'm waiting to book the hotel to speak with Caleb to determine what will be the best days to go.  Leave around noon on whatever day, get there around 4:30 to 5 pm - I think - get in the room, hang out, swim, eat, whatever, prepare ourselves for the fishing adventure of the next morning.

Well, that takes the strain out of this. We will go with the same company we went with before.  I caught enough fish on that trip to make it enjoyable and worth bring home all of that.  I ate Sea Bass and whatever the name of the other fish was for several weeks.  What's left? Boat reservations.  The company's prices have gone up - by $15 per person since we went with them 2 years ago, but that's okay.

So how to pay for this.  Cashed out my healthmiles - it's only $150, but that comes close to paying for hotel.  I have at least $250 worth of change in my change bins.  That's $400.  I will put the fuel on the fuel card and pay for that next month.  $300 out of savings and that pays for this trip.  It would be cool to go to Seaworld the next day - but I don't know if I can afford another couple hundred bucks on top of everything else.  I wish I could - I won't see him for a year after he leaves - but I can't leave myself screwed for money, either.
I've been saving my change for quite a while now, though.  Like a year.  There may be more in that pile than I know.  I will find out after I task Caleb to either take it to the coin counting machine or - get penny; nickle; dime and quarter rolls and take them to the bank.  Of course there is credit on credit cards - I will have to weigh whether this is worth going into debt for.

Ahhhh, Ebay. Seaworld tickets.



Well it's almost 3 pm and I haven't heard from the manager about a run for tomorrow, so I'm going to assume that it isn't go...