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I think I found the hotel we are going to stay at.  I actually decided to just get a map up of the Mission Valley area (in San Diego) and sure enough, the names of hotels were all over it.  I thought about Howard Johnson's, but that place had some pretty bad reviews.  I just want a place that I can sleep at - without a lot of noise from everyone else around us.  I don't care that much about amenities, as long as the bed is at least semi-comfortable, I am good with it.

And so it is how I find the place.  It is listed as old and needing renovations, but most everyone that reviewed still gave it a good review.  Okay, there are always bad reviews - actually of any hotel property - and so this one has some too, but I was impressed enough with all the good reviews that I have decided this is the place.  It's much cheaper than anything else around there - save probably that hell-hole-of-a-place called Motel 6 Mission Valley.  I would rather sleep in my CAR than sleep in that rat …