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So, Caleb is home.
I got a call this afternoon: "Can you come pick me up around 7:15?"
Uhhh, sure thing.  I wanted to go to the pastor's get-together at his house, I decided I would do both.
But before that happened, I took a nap.  I fell into a deep sleep and woke up a quarter after 6, 15 minutes before the party was supposed to start.
Bolted upright, but was definitely a bit out of it after coming out of a sleep like that.
Hit up the party for about 50 minutes and then and went to near downtown Phoenix - actually, the notorious intersection of Van Buren and 24th street.  Notorious - for decades now - because of the mental hospital right there on the corner and also because of the large number of hookers/prostitutes/whores (pick the word the best suits you for the kind of descriptor).  I had no idea that the Salvation Army also has a HUGE facility a block down the street from there.

I can only say that Caleb is a well-loved and like person.  He seems to have the Midas t…