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Made a visit to Denny's.  I go there once in a great while to have the wonderful breakfast that they are so good at making.  Plain, simple, delicious.

But first, I replaced the battery in the old Buick.  The previous one was about 2-1/2 years old with a 5 year warranty.  So, I got the new battery for half price after pro-rating it.  They wanted to sell me a battery that costs $115 to replace it, I said bunk.  Old car, not worth putting that much money into it.  I've already dumped more than I have wanted to but fortunately it's gone a pretty good, long spell without having to do anything but change the brake rotors and pads on it, and that turned out to be pretty cheap.

Of course, that means NOT taking it to a brake shop!! I have no idea what they would charge to do that, but I am guessing a pretty good price tag plus they always tell you something else is wrong with your brake system and then try to instill fear into you that you might be on the verge of a catastrophic b…