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It's a done deal.
I hope anyway.
2 adult tickets to Sea World San Diego - bought and paid for, expect to have them in the mail by no later than Thursday this week.
2 spots on the fishing boat - half paid for - that's what they wanted on the phone, a 50% deposit.  My name was still in their system from the last trip we took with them 2 years ago.
2 nights booked and paid for at the Kings Inn, San Diego.
I am comfortable that however the hotel turns out to be, there were enough very good reviews to make it appear to me that I will - a very non-picky hotel person though I don't like bedbugs, roaches and I like a clean room without a lot of noise (I don't consider any of that to be picky, that's pretty much the way a room should be regardless of where you are staying) - be happy with it.  I do hope so, because at the rate I got the room, the amount paid is non-refundable.
The Waffle Spot restaurant - on-property - has some excellent reviews on it including locals who …