Sunday, August 4, 2013

It's a done deal.
I hope anyway.
2 adult tickets to Sea World San Diego - bought and paid for, expect to have them in the mail by no later than Thursday this week.
2 spots on the fishing boat - half paid for - that's what they wanted on the phone, a 50% deposit.  My name was still in their system from the last trip we took with them 2 years ago.
2 nights booked and paid for at the Kings Inn, San Diego.
I am comfortable that however the hotel turns out to be, there were enough very good reviews to make it appear to me that I will - a very non-picky hotel person though I don't like bedbugs, roaches and I like a clean room without a lot of noise (I don't consider any of that to be picky, that's pretty much the way a room should be regardless of where you are staying) - be happy with it.  I do hope so, because at the rate I got the room, the amount paid is non-refundable.
The Waffle Spot restaurant - on-property - has some excellent reviews on it including locals who love the place.  We won't be eating breakfast there, though and unfortunately, it doesn't open until 7 am according  the reviews.  Well, Wednesday morning we will be able to eat there in the morning since I doubt Seaworld opens too early and more importantly, I am probably going to want to sleep in from having had been on the ocean all day the previous day.

One twist to the adventure has popped up, though.  My sister-in-law has stated she would like to go along with us.  She doesn't want to go on the boat, she would rather go to the beach.  I actually get along pretty well with her considering she IS an in-law, lol, I just have to ask Caleb if he's cool with it.  I doubt he'll care one way or the other to be honest.  My only caveat is that she has to pay her own way - all of it.  I am on a budget and I don't have that much extra money floating around to pay for a 3rd ticket there.  She offered before I asked, though, that she has money and she would be paying her own way, including getting her own hotel room.  I'm good with that and I get along with her so if she was really serious about it, I'm sure she can go.


Candid conversations.  My son was describing the perfect family for him: 3 daughters and 1 son.  He assumes to marry a Japanese lady since he is very intent on spending his life in Japan once he gets to that point.  He lamented that growing up as an only child was not-so-great.  I had no input to this discussion as far as that goes, it is what it is.  My mother refused to believe that my ex-wife was pregnant because she had had her ovaries removed.  Not quite, mother, she still has half an ovary left, I told her at the time.  She assumed we were mistaken about the pregnancy, no way could she be pregnant.  This went on for quite a long time until I had had enough of it.  Great, you don't want to be a part of our son's life, then DON'T (we had seen the pic of him on that machine and it clearly showed male "parts", we knew before he was born it was going to be a boy).  It was actually pretty sick the way she talked about it and treated us, as if we were lying to her about it for some reason.

Whatever the case, there is no "defense" for not having more children.  I wanted more, but it didn't happen.  He'll figure things out as he gets older - and experiences a few things in life.

Well whatever.  Another work week looms.  Business is slow and the situation with the kid that doesn't want to work is a bit much.  We are devising a plan to get rid of him - get him to some other division that perhaps he will fit into. Dunno, but he creates more work than he finishes with the amount of messes and other situations that he leaves behind.  I would rather not have him there at all.  It's just plain irritating.

With that, it's a g'nite and God bless you.


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