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The 23 year old employee at our branch.
Why do I keep harping on this? Because it IRRITATES me.
This guy showed up yesterday at 4 am to go with a salesman to a jobsite who told him to bet there at 5 am.
What's the big deal? The deal is that he doesn't DO anything for the hour he is there, excepting to get on the internet and read the BBC. He should not have shown up an hour early to LEAVE.
But I wasn't there yesterday that early to confirm that, today, I WAS.
I drove into the parking lot behind a customer who was also pulling in at 6am.
I saw the 23 yo - kid's - car in the parking lot but assumed he had left with the salesman again.
Instead, I try opening the door with my key and its already opened.  I walk inside, the place is completely dark. He springs up out of nowhere -the kid that is.  Really weird.
I write up the customer's order before I do much of anything else and he goes out and gets the part - just one fitting.

He then proceeds to disappear.  I don&#…
It rained yesterday and it was absolutely wonderful.
I got wet a couple of times - on purpose - and just took in the rather cool breeze/air considering the time of year it is in Phoenix.
My sister-in-law is definitely going with us at this point to San Diego - she made the same non-refundable reservations that I did and that pretty much seals the fate of both of us going and hopefully having a good time.
She definitely does not want to go out on the boat, citing the reason of it being out so long and her probably getting seasick.
Yes, I know that feeling.  I have done the pills and the patches to no avail, the only thing that works for me is alcohol.  I know, it's terrible, lol.  But I don't have to get drunk to get rid of the seasick feeling, just enough to make me feel "good" and get back to fishing.
I still have a patch left, I will use one again just to say that I at least tried something - those patches aren't exactly cheap and for them not to work?  Sucked…