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So I'm going to a jobsite today.  I go to the intersection, listed as in Phoenix, where the jobsite is supposed to be at.  1st Street & Roosevelt.  I am there, no construction.  I call the foreman.  Oh, I come get you.  He calls back, where are you? I'm at 1st Street & Roosevelt.  Well how can you not see the construction going on?  There is NO construction going on here.  The man falls just short of calling me an idiot for not being able to see the construction going on, I must be at the wrong place.

NO, I am NOT.  If he had actually insulted me, I would have hung up on him and called my manager. I will not tolerate extreme insults from contractors, I don't care if they ARE our customers.

Where are you at now? he asks.  I just crossed Central avenue, heading west on Roosevelt, looking for this alleged jobsite.  Central?  He replies.  2 and 2 finally equals 4 in his mind.  What city are you in? Phoenix, I reply, just as the paperwork tells me.  We are in Tempe.