Friday, August 9, 2013

Well.  I went to Concentra this morning - industrial medicine type of place - to get my medical card renewed.
Nothing of great interest - a long wait as it always is - but when the put that machine operated blood pressure tester around my arm and the thing came up with the results, well it was shocking.  Showed my blood pressure at 157 over 94!! YIKES!  I tell this nurse no freaking way.  My blood pressure is definitely NOT that high!

Well, she says, we'll wait 20 minutes after you have calmed down a little and see

 what it's at.  They have terminology for it now, I think the nurse called it White Suit Syndrome or some junk like that.  Where it's now a proven fact that your blood pressure goes up when you come into a doctor's office.

I think it's those machines giving bad readings.

Well whatever.  Vision test, pee in the cup, all that wonderful stuff though they spared me the hernia test and I certainly wasn't going to ask them for it and then finally the doc comes in.  How's it going, brother?  Older gentleman, but very cool.  I get my blood pressure checked again: 112 over 82.  Okay, the bottom number still a bit high, but the top number at least was reading normal for me.  Thank you God!!

Done deal, another 2 years of certification, paid for by my company thank-you-very-much.

I get back to the yard to hear about the 23-year old wonder that works at our place.  He came into work - late - he still hadn't arrived by the time I left - and then, according to my manager, came in, got on the computer, did nothing, then went outside and got on the phone with a personal call for half an hour.  My manager shipped him downtown for the day, the manager down there needed him for something.  Apparently, they are going to try him out in another division and see how he works out there, cause honey, he ain't worth a s*** at our place.

Well whatever.  Friday is here.  I'm sitting in a huge recycling yard, waiting for them to unload the semi.  Last thing I think I will have to do today at work before leaving early.  I have OT and the company isn't giving out OT right now - though I completely understand, numbers are WAY down across the board at all branches in the southwest region.

I do hope business picks back up eventually, I do miss the extra dough on my paychecks.

Meanwhile, my sister-in-law decided she was going to get a third night for San Diego.  I was contemplating whether to do that or not.  Seaworld stays open until 10:00 at night, I don't really think I'm going to want to drive home after that.  In fact, I am quite sure I won't want to.  The hotel brought it's prices down 10 bucks per night, wish I would have known that was going to happen or I would have waited - but at the same time, I probably wouldn't have wanted to take the chance even if I had known.   So I am going to go ahead and get a third night as well.

Well whatever.  Weekend almost here and I am going to spend it getting junk done around the house, thoroughly cleaning out the car and just reminded myself to get an oil change on it before we leave, not to mention a nice hair cut help as well.

As for now?  I need to get offa here, they are almost done unloading the truck.


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