Saturday, August 10, 2013

Well, the idea that there is now another night's worth of stay at the hotel brings up an interesting prospect.  Shall we therefore do something that day, at least into early afternoon, before departing for home?

I was not asked about this, Caleb doesn't know neither does he care - he'll stay as long or short as we are staying - and I am just pondering.  A day at the beach? Wade out into the ocean and enjoy something I haven't done in decades?  I dunno.  I wonder what the water temp is like.  I get cold easily in water if it's too cold and I have found Pacific waters to be some pretty cold stuff.

We'll cross the bridge when we get there.  Caleb will be a go for it - I don't even have to ponder that.  Me?  Dunno.  My sister-in-law?  Probably.  Should I bring it up? Only when that morning arrives and if I feel like it.  I'm guessing a full day on the ocean and a full day at Seaworld is going to do me in, but then again, I have spent plenty of time on beaches laying on a sheet and sleeping with the sound of the surf tantalizing me and intriguing my imagination and generally causing me to feel very much at peace.

I just talked myself into.  I didn't remember that aspect of it until I just wrote that out.  I don't have to DO anything on the beach! I can just lay back and sleep! As long as the temp is good, well now then, we have a completely different scenario.

Okay, MOST of my beach-sleeping experiences have been wonderful. No, no-one has ever kicked sand in my face because if anyone did that, I would consider that an assault and I don't care HOW big that person is, I am going to "defend" myself.  I'm talking about the time when I was laying on the beach, a sheet under me and folded over top of me, sleeping away, when the sound of something strange hit my ears and slowly woke me up.

WHAT - is - THAT - SOUND?!!!  It was not natural and having had been asleep - and never exposed to the kind of sound before - well it took a minute or two - maybe it took longer and I just don't remember.  I didn't look over, which is what probably would have gotten me to figure it out sooner, until my curiosity piqued. Eventually, I was awake and yes, I did look over to see what was obviously 2 people going at it - sex - and then realized it was 2  guys.

I won't go into this further, as I was not happy about the situation, but whatever.  They didn't stay there forever, thankfully and then I was left to myself.  Why they had to choose THAT spot to do it, so close to me, I don't know.  They could have moved WELL down the beach, away from everyone if they are going to engage in such behavior in public.  Sheets be damned, that doesn't mute the sounds and certainly, GET A ROOM!

Regardless, I am now reminding myself to take a sheet with me on this trip.  If we do go to the beach, they can go in the water as long as they want - my son is a seal in disguise, he can stay in the water all day long and love every minute of it - I will do my thing and we can all be happy.  Which is not to say I won't get into the water, but again: Pacific water is MUCH colder than Atlantic water.  I have been in both dozens of times over, I can say that with authority.

That was yesterday.  I don't always post entries the same day I write them.  In fact, I have a large number of them that have never been posted and never will be.  Regardless, started this day - Saturday - out with a bang.  Here, there, over there, back there, down there - all over the place getting things done for the trip.  Walmart; hair cut; remove everything from the car and then the carwash and vacuum it all out and then Armor-All all of; the bank to deposit a tenant check and get quarter wraps.

And then? Applebee's.  I go there about once a month.  They have good food and there is a waitress that I connect with on some level.

After that, home and cleaning out a pond filter, a  couple loads of laundry and cleaning my bathroom? Time for a nap.  I'm on vacation, lol.  2 hours of that and then off to the airport to pick Caleb up.  Home and I've had enough for one day.  Well, I had thoughts of wrapping up more quarters, but have decided to dump that one on my son.  He can count out 40 quarters per wrap 13 times over and then I will take them to the bank.
That's it, besides numerous phone calls from my sister-in-law who hinted at changes to the schedule and which I determined were not in any interest that I had, at all and therefore just stated this is the way it's going to be.  People do vacations differently, that's fine, but she was no factor in this equation until this week when she stated she wanted to come.  Great, but it's my show, not to sound egotistical or otherwise - whatever adjective you'd like to insert - this is time to spend with my son.  I don't think she will be an intrusion on that, I just don't want to change the schedule excepting that since we are now staying another night, I figured we might as well go spend a half day at the beach and then drive home.

Whatever the case, my change I have saved up should be more than sufficient for eating money - but who knows, lol.

Well, off to other parts of the internet - namely - to pay some bills online.



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