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Well, the idea that there is now another night's worth of stay at the hotel brings up an interesting prospect.  Shall we therefore do something that day, at least into early afternoon, before departing for home?

I was not asked about this, Caleb doesn't know neither does he care - he'll stay as long or short as we are staying - and I am just pondering.  A day at the beach? Wade out into the ocean and enjoy something I haven't done in decades?  I dunno.  I wonder what the water temp is like.  I get cold easily in water if it's too cold and I have found Pacific waters to be some pretty cold stuff.

We'll cross the bridge when we get there.  Caleb will be a go for it - I don't even have to ponder that.  Me?  Dunno.  My sister-in-law?  Probably.  Should I bring it up? Only when that morning arrives and if I feel like it.  I'm guessing a full day on the ocean and a full day at Seaworld is going to do me in, but then again, I have spent plenty of time on bea…