Monday, August 19, 2013

I've Been Subpoenaed

The City Prosecutor just won't give it a rest.
I disagree with the man about putting the lady that owns the 3 dogs that mauled my Great Dane - Duke - on probation for 3 years.  He refused to bring it down to a maximum of 1 year.  He states that he wants "something" on the record so that if it happens again, he can get much more aggressive with prosecution.

Well I'm not out for blood.  It's a dog, he was treated, he got better, it's over. Would have those dogs attacked a human like that? I have no idea.  I can't foresee what I don't know.  A great number of dogs will attack other dogs and never consider humans as something they would like to bite into.

Granted, duke had dozens and dozens of bites all over his body. His left ear had been chomped so badly it was loaded with staples to put it together again.  I get it, it was bad.  The dog was bloody from head to toe.  There was blood all over my car seat after I had taken him to the vet.  Again, it's a dog and dogs get over it.
What I want and what is fair and reasonable is her to pay Duke's vet costs.  Pets are considered chattel, there is no getting pain and suffering for a dog.  He was in pain and he definitely suffered. He limped for days after that attack.  He wasn't feeling good and I gave him aspirins for several nights to help.  Again, it's a dog. Yes, if I would have been there, I would have probably attempted to kill all 3 of those dogs.  These are animals and I do not believe any jury on earth would find me guilty of whatever charge might be trumped against me if such were to happen.

The police? The prosecutor?  They are claiming this lady was trying to clean all the blood off of them to conceal what those dogs had done to my dog - amazing that, allegedly, those dogs were also covered with Duke's blood - when they went to her house to confront her on it.  This is their beef with this situation, though the prosecutor has said nothing about that to me, I found that out from the lady herself.  My only problem with this lady - which is substantial - is that she will give me money and then disappear for weeks.  She doesn't give me that much: after all this time I have received around $80 from her.  

Court date set for next month, I have no choice but to go.  I don't know what the judge is going to say.  I don't know what is going to happen though I am pretty sure they are going to attempt to get me to agree to all of this.  I will say no to 3 years probation.  If they won't bring it down, I will refuse and they will have to drop the case.  Let's be reasonable.

First day back at work, getting off the last subject, after being off for 9 days.  I'm going to tell you right now that I could easily get used to being able to sleep until 7am instead of having an alarm blaring in my ears at 4:30 am.  But in the job I am at now, that's not going to happen.  Whatever the case, I sat down after getting in the door - I am always the first one there - and go onto email.  Manager will be gone today, no clue who is taking his place.  Turns out, the Operations Manager.

Well for the most part, the Ops Manager and I get along pretty well.  He came in and we shot the s*** for a while before I went off to get some things done - though in terms of deliveries, unbelievably slow day.  I got back from that and..........waaaaalaaaaaah.............our new ice maker had arrived.  This is a commercial scal ice maker. Every new store is supposed to have one, ours didn't get one but now finally, after several years,  one shows up on a freight truck.  Why do I want a commercial-grade ice maker? Because, we live in the desert.  I am at hot construction sites.  I want ice at the shop for when I am outside working.  And to be quite honest: at the end of the day?  Fill up a cooler and take it home!

I emailed my pastor to discuss a bit with him about his stance on praying for people after listening to his sermon yesterday. Turns out he meant nothing of the sort.  He understood after I explained to him how that may have come off.  I am guessing he is going to re-explain all of that this at Sunday's service.

Lots more, but enough for one entry.


The worst part of extended time off vacation: sitting here half awake, downing coffee, wishing it were this afternoon so I could be home, off work and not doing much of anything, lol.

Church was interesting yesterday.  Number one, they had the lights off over the congregation.  I guess people like it, I don't.  It puts me to sleep.  2, the pastor made a rather startling announcement that he had almost quit the church - ie:, the church would have folded, due to disappointment and not seeing things go the way he had hoped and then 3, gathering from his sermon, he is not interested in praying for people individually and you need to do that for yourself.

Biblically speaking, seeking the Lord is both an individual and a corporate activity.  He had, however, asked if he could pray with me about a situation last week to which I had said yes.  It just turned out that we both had things come up and didn't have time for it.  It was kind of strange hearing that coming from a pastor of a church yesterday and I am going to have to rethink whether I want to continue with this church.  No hurry on that, though, let things play out and see what happens.

I dunno sometimes.

Whatever the case, time to be off to work.



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