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New ice machine finally arrived at work on Monday.  I spent the last day installing the thing.  We should have gotten one several years ago when the store opened, but for whatever reason it never happened.  Well walaah.. All the free ice I will ever need.  I can take a cooler to work with me, fill it up with ice at the end of the day and bring it home.  We go through a LOT of ice in my house, the automatic ice maker in the big refrigerator cannot keep up with the demand.

Which doesn't matter to me, I don't proclaim "free ice" to prospective tenants, if it's there, great, help yourself, if not, go buy some.  But, still, I can now bring home large quantities of ice on a daily basis as long as the machine is full.  Contractors that find out we have that machine may come in in the morning to fill up their ice chests, that's fine, they won't come in the afternoon to do so.  I had just gotten the thing running before I left yesterday, so I can't say decisiv…