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I met with my pastor yesterday for a couple of hours at the church.  I'm not going to go into the specifics of the reason we had met - it wasn't a bad thing or something negative, but it was on a personal level coming from both of us so just not going to go there on a website that anyone on earth can read.

It was a good  meeting and I was happy to have had spent the time talking and praying with him.

Anyway, today is Caleb's big sending-off party.  I'm guessing the whole thing will be a bit uncomfortable since it's my ex-pastor and his brother and their respective families throwing the party. Long time readers know oh-so-well what I went through with these people in the past, so not going to go into all of that again, either.  I'm going for my son's sake and for the potential that there may well be people from the past that I haven't seen in a decade that I might get the opportunity to meet up with.

No guarantees there and no disappointments if not.  I …