Saturday, August 24, 2013

I met with my pastor yesterday for a couple of hours at the church.  I'm not going to go into the specifics of the reason we had met - it wasn't a bad thing or something negative, but it was on a personal level coming from both of us so just not going to go there on a website that anyone on earth can read.

It was a good  meeting and I was happy to have had spent the time talking and praying with him.

Anyway, today is Caleb's big sending-off party.  I'm guessing the whole thing will be a bit uncomfortable since it's my ex-pastor and his brother and their respective families throwing the party. Long time readers know oh-so-well what I went through with these people in the past, so not going to go into all of that again, either.  I'm going for my son's sake and for the potential that there may well be people from the past that I haven't seen in a decade that I might get the opportunity to meet up with.

No guarantees there and no disappointments if not.  I am half-hoping the meeting I had with my ex-pastor quite some time ago at the Starbuck's might be continued on today.  Nothing too serious, just perhaps we can at least have some kind of agreeable relationship.  Those people have been part of Caleb's life since he as born, literally.  They were there for his birth - though I was the only one that got to go into the operating room and see him removed from my ex's belly, lol.  They cut her open and I saw all of that stuff in there and I was very proud of myself that I didn't fall on the floor and pass out.  They weren't quite so sure, I had apparently turned white as a sheet seeing all the blood; guts; whatever all of that is that was in there.  I flatly said no, I am okay, I will make it through this and I did.

But they were there for him his entire life.  I'm sure he probably thinks of them as god-parents.  I certainly don't hold it against Caleb for having the kind of relationship with them, but from my end of things, I doubt I will ever see the kind of relationship we had - or I thought we had anyway - before the church fiasco/nightmare.  That whole point in time and the events that took place during that time just changed my view of them completely.  I forgive them but I don't have to be close to them.  But who knows. There are others that will be there that will also "charge" the air a bit.

But I'm still looking forward to it.  Many of them sowed into Caleb's trip - that's Christianeze for giving money to, lol - and I am happy that they helped him out. Caleb is still about $600 short but I guess he will be allowed to go, anyway, but he will still need to pay that money eventually.

So that's pretty much today.  I have done cleaning around here and normal Saturday stuff, other than that, just passing the time until it's time to go to the party.  I am one of those punctual people that always shows up early - but I am going to show up 10 to 15 minutes later than the stated start time.  On purpose, yes.  I have my reasons and I figure it's a good plan, lol.

Oh, forgot, guess I better get outside soon and get the pond filters cleaned, never-ending chore during the summer when the fish are eating a lot and - clogging up the filters with their waste, lol.  Winter is MUCH easier, they eat very little and the filters don't hardly ever clog up. The benefit of summer is the fish grow - and grow - and grow.  The big ones I wish I could put a stop to their growing, too much bigger and they are going to have to be moved to someone else's pond somewhere - but the small ones can grow several inches in a good summer season if they are fed enough.

Well, better get with it.  Got busy talking to a minister in Africa - funny the things you can do on the internet nowadays.



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