Monday, August 26, 2013

Shake up at work today.
Got in and found an email from the ops manager: So and So is no longer with the company.
He was an inside salesman.  They have recently hired people to take inside sales positions, but they have no clue what they are doing yet, it's a pretty long learning process to learn the business and learn everything that goes into being and inside salesman.

So, this morning we find out the GM is coming to our branch - he doesn't do that often, maybe once every 6 months.  We have no clue.  I leave before he gets there, not a lot to do but we tend to get stuff done when it is in the system to get done.  By the time I get back, he is already gone and the situation is that he is asking my manager if he will at least temporarily move back downtown and take over an inside sales position so that they aren't short-handed while these other guys get the training and get up to speed.

Ummm, well, that didn't sound very good.  Especially finding out the main warehouse manager would come over to our place.  I get along with him, I guess, but I find my current manager much better than him.  When I find out who would take over the main warehouse, well that's even worse.  That guy is - not very good.  He thinks he knows everything and has that kind of attitude.  He is not a good manager in terms of how to treat employees.  But the biggest drawback to this dude is that he tells everyone no when they ask him if they can squeeze in a delivery.  He doesn't even consider it, he just blankly tells them he can't do it.  In a business like ours, we find ways to make things happen.  The main branch has several vehicles, not just semis, that can be used for pickups and deliveries.  There are numerous people that are authorized to use regular, company vehicles.  It's a joke to just flatly say no, we won't do it.

But whatever, that's not my decision.  My manager told the GM he would rather not move downtown but if they need the help, he will both run the store AND do inside sales work.  He also offered that I could take a position down there - as I said I would but only if they don't lower my wages.  Apparently it's some company thing that they may not be able to transfer me to such a position without lowering my wages, I would not agree to that so if that's the case, it's a non-starter.

So that's that.  No idea what the final decision will be.  I doubt, though, that it will take them long to make those decisions, once they start on something like this, they waste no time in implementing it.  So we'll see.

Meanwhile, the countdown: 2 days.  My son is gone for a year, leaving in 2 days.  Not too much more time and right now he's hanging out with his mom at her house.  Has been since yesterday morning.  I do hope he will come back over here and spend a few last minutes with me, but that's not something I would ask him to do, just hoping.

That's it.  Took a bunch of the Hostess I got from church yesterday to work - that all disappeared.  I ate one small bag of it - too much calories in that junk, not worth eating too much of it, but there are 2 junk food junkies at work.  I don't know how or why the church got all of that stuff - no clue.  It's all the new stuff that the newly revamped Hostess is putting out.  Hostess is back, though I don't know if they have the entire line of stuff going yet.

So, I have Wednesday off - to see Caleb off on at the airport - and then a 3 day holiday weekend coming up.  I'm not really looking forward to Wednesday, to be honest, just because of the significance of what is going to take place.  I had always wanted at least 3 kids, would have helped mitigate this situation if such were the case.  But it isn't and now the so-called "empty nest syndrome".  Doesn't mean I'm not happy for my son in pursuing his dream, I just know how my heart felt yesterday at church when I started pondering this whole situation.

Anyway, the party on Saturday.  I didn't go into it with the pics I posted because I didn't have the time when I posted it, lol.  I was going somewhere, don't even remember what now.  Anyway, I sat down at a table with 2 old friends and we started making jokes.  Pretty funny stuff, actually, then a 4th person and another old friend I hadn't seen in ages sat down.  After reacquainting ourselves yet more came and sat down with us.  So it went until a man came up through a side door, squinting at me and a look of recognition.

I had no idea who this person was, but he definitely recognized me.  I just sat there and said hello to him after he came up shaking my hand and spent two hours after that attempting to figure out who this person was.  It finally came back to my memory.  He used to go to the same church I went to now going on a decade ago - we weren't really close or anything so I think that why he had been put into the dark storages of the basement portion of my memory banks, lol.

But there was a completely different atmosphere there, much different than the last time I was there for a party for whatever reason, which was at least a year ago.  The old abrasiveness of what had occurred at the church had rubbed off.  The air wasn't charged with negativity and it was a cool party.  I determined myself to make the rounds and speak with everyone that I knew from the past there, whether I wanted to or not, lol.  Also met some new people that were there because of Caleb.  On attempting to leave, I got hung up with yet 2 more people and we talked for at least another 30 minutes - which is when I remember it was my dad's birthday!

So I went over by where Caleb was, made the phone call and we both wished him a happy birthday and talked for a while.

That was it for the party, 4 hours of talking was enough for me.  There was a good hour long portion of it where we took pics and then we all prayed over Caleb - and by that I mean just about every individual and couple there not only prayed over him, but gave him prophetic words.  It was good.  I recorded much of it and intend on putting it on a disc for Caleb to listen to if he so desires, there was a lot spoken over him and in such events like that, it's difficult to remember everything that was said.

And now? Monday morning, lol, another weekend cashed out and gone, there was NOTHING in the truck routing system for today as of the time I left Friday afternoon.  I surely hope that something was put in there over the weekend, because there is NOTHING to DO at the shop at this point.  We have dealt with everything, the place is clean and I have no desire to sit around on my @$$ all day, attempting to burn up 8 hours.  I can't do that, I'll figure out something to do if such is the case, but I hope it isn't the case.

With that, I bid you a g'day.


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