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Shake up at work today.
Got in and found an email from the ops manager: So and So is no longer with the company.
He was an inside salesman.  They have recently hired people to take inside sales positions, but they have no clue what they are doing yet, it's a pretty long learning process to learn the business and learn everything that goes into being and inside salesman.

So, this morning we find out the GM is coming to our branch - he doesn't do that often, maybe once every 6 months.  We have no clue.  I leave before he gets there, not a lot to do but we tend to get stuff done when it is in the system to get done.  By the time I get back, he is already gone and the situation is that he is asking my manager if he will at least temporarily move back downtown and take over an inside sales position so that they aren't short-handed while these other guys get the training and get up to speed.

Ummm, well, that didn't sound very good.  Especially finding out the main warehous…
So, I have Wednesday off - to see Caleb off on at the airport - and then a 3 day holiday weekend coming up.  I'm not really looking forward to Wednesday, to be honest, just because of the significance of what is going to take place.  I had always wanted at least 3 kids, would have helped mitigate this situation if such were the case.  But it isn't and now the so-called "empty nest syndrome".  Doesn't mean I'm not happy for my son in pursuing his dream, I just know how my heart felt yesterday at church when I started pondering this whole situation.

Anyway, the party on Saturday.  I didn't go into it with the pics I posted because I didn't have the time when I posted it, lol.  I was going somewhere, don't even remember what now.  Anyway, I sat down at a table with 2 old friends and we started making jokes.  Pretty funny stuff, actually, then a 4th person and another old friend I hadn't seen in ages sat down.  After reacquainting ourselves yet mo…