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Less than 24 hours now.
Will I get past this?
Of course.
Will my son be okay?
I trust in the Lord to watch over him.
Will I shed some tears at the airport?
You better believe it.
I don't care what other people think about
men crying, there are situations where it is
not only appropriate, it is warranted.  I am
most certainly not a wimp/pussy-whipped,\
lemonade-bleeding, yellow-bellied sissy.
I don't mean that in a violent type of way, I
am a man and I am a man that cries when it
happens - which is infrequently but yes, it happens.

I love my son dearly.  There are a handful of people
I love on this earth - no offense to long time readers,
many of you I really like : ) - but nothing even in the same
realm as a father and son.  I know it may be more unusual
in this day and age of fatherless (well, they have fathers but
they are nowhere to be found) offspring to actually be
a man and a father that will openly state that I really 
love my son, but so it is.  He means the world to …