Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Less than 24 hours now.
Will I get past this?
Of course.
Will my son be okay?
I trust in the Lord to watch over him.
Will I shed some tears at the airport?
You better believe it.
I don't care what other people think about
men crying, there are situations where it is
not only appropriate, it is warranted.  I am
most certainly not a wimp/pussy-whipped,\
lemonade-bleeding, yellow-bellied sissy.
I don't mean that in a violent type of way, I
am a man and I am a man that cries when it
happens - which is infrequently but yes, it happens.

I love my son dearly.  There are a handful of people
I love on this earth - no offense to long time readers,
many of you I really like : ) - but nothing even in the same
realm as a father and son.  I know it may be more unusual
in this day and age of fatherless (well, they have fathers but
they are nowhere to be found) offspring to actually be
a man and a father that will openly state that I really 
love my son, but so it is.  He means the world to me. I
 would gladly sacrifice my life for him if such were to ever

For me, this is a monumental step in my son's life.  This is
parting of ways, so to speak, but in a good sense obviously.
It's the natural course of things, your offspring, at least in this
culture (other cultures a bit different I have read, heard and
experienced first hand).  It is what should happen, I do not
believe your offspring should be living with you well into
their 20's, much less 30's or the rest of your life.  They should
find their own way and they should go for it.

I can say that I instilled this into my son since he was a single
digit aged human.  I always told him that if he wanted to live
with me after he got out of high school, he BETTER be going
to college or doing something that will lead to a career.

I think someday he will thank me for putting that into his head
and his heart.  How can you venture out in life and experience it
for yourself if you keep yourself chained to your parents house
and their rules?  I see all this nonsense going on with the younger
generation and I find it totally unbelievable.

My son has a good head on his shoulders and I am confident that he
will do well in life.  That doesn't necessarily mean he will make a
lot of money, I don't measure success in life as being rich and owning
a lot of things, I would rather measure life in the sense of what you
did in obedience to the Lord's calling on your life and how you applied
it to your life.

This is the way I look at some things in life.

I am happy my son is going, in case anyone is getting the wrong idea.
It's just that my heart and my inner man has to get used to the idea
that he won't be at my house and us having long talks about the Lord
and the things going on in both our lives.


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