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Take a day off in the middle of the week and it messes your head all up. Remind me to make SURE I either get the 2 days off before Christmas or 2 days off after, preferably after.  You just get into your head that it's
Saturday and that you have the next day off, too.

That's okay, I get my revenge: 3 day holiday weekend en-queue.  It wouldn't be so bad going back to work if there was actually something to do!  If it stays this way for too much longer, I have to wonder what is going to happen to our store.  They won't just leave it open forever if it's not producing enough on the bottom line.

I have no idea whether there is anything in the truck routing system, just have to find out when I get work in a little while from now.

Well we got Caleb out and off, that's behind me now, moving on.  To what, I don't know, but moving on.   But I was kind of appalled when I went into his room yesterday after I got back from the airport.  Dirty clothes laying all …