Sunday, September 1, 2013

Halfway through the holiday weekend.
A man at work that was let go (fired) a week or so ago was found dead in his apartment bedroom by his young son 2 days ago.
Although I have an idea as to why he was fired, I don't have the actual specifics.
What I do know is that he takes rejection type of things very hard, well took them very hard now.

Here's the part that's hard for me.  Whether you believe in prophecy and the gift of prophecy in the church isn't really relevant to me, because I have been operating in that gift for quite some time now.  Not that that makes me anything, it just happens.  So it was in this man's case, but I completely ignored the signs and did nothing about it.  Every time I saw him, the thought "he is suicidal" or something along those lines would pop up in my mind.  I would even see a sign saying " suicidal" before my eyes.

To look at the man, you would not have recognized that.  He was walking around all happy and life was grand, at least on the outward appearance.

I have no idea whether this man was right with the Lord, though many will say that a person committing suicide is hell-bound just by that action alone.  I am not God, I don't know how the Lord sees such things and I do not make such brash conclusions.  I sincerely hope that that is not the case.  I sometimes hear Christians making some pretty - vile - judgments against people, groups, things they don't like and wonder.  Yes, I believe there is a hell but also yes, I don't believe the Lord really wants any humans to end up there.  It wasn't made for people, it was made for satan and the fallen angels that were kicked out of heaven with him.  Perhaps I have made such judgments myself in the past but I am coming to the view that hell is such a BAD place, that one really shouldn't desire that anyone end up there.

I dunno, but I am going to go to church this morning and seek some relief from this.  It weighs heavily on me - the fact that I did nothing about it.  I don't know what I could have said to that man, at work, without getting into some hot water if it blew up in my face, but that's not an excuse, really.

Welcome to my holiday weekend.

Well it's nice having an extended weekend off, anyway.


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